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Friday, November 16, 2018

Was Judge Roy Moore's "Borking" Practice for the Attack on Brett Kavanaugh

Sexual Misconduct Case Crumbling Against Judge Roy Moore

The Democrats M.O. is character assassination and media lynching. They lie their way into defeating and disgracing good men and women in public office and other positions of influence.

Did the Democrats use their attack on Roy Moore in Alabama as practice for the character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh? Fits their history, doesn't it! At the 11th hour drag in an Anita Hill clone accusing the person of sexual misconduct, some of it vile and extreme like the claim that Kavanaugh at 15 was involved in gang rape parties!

It's time to restore the good name of Judge Moore and expose his accusers. The same with Brett Kavanaugh. If this kind of behavior is ignored, we invite more of it.

Pray for Judge Moore's success in the defamation suit to put the brakes on the despicable tactics being used by Democrats to "bork" so many good people for the "sin" of opposing their evil agenda!


  1. Sure, and the allegations against Archbishop McCarrick are just false allegations dreamed up by reactionary conservative elements in the Church. There is far more evidence against Moore than there is against McCarrick.

    The fact that you are willing to condone sexual perversion when it suits your political goals is proof that you are a fraud and that your soul is in mortal danger. Unless you confess immediately, you cannot be saved.

  2. I hope you have a good lawyer, because I understand several defamation suits are in the process of being filed against you. The truth will be revealed. Here is a hint: Nabi's "source" has some skeletons in his closet...

  3. Wow! Preston, the evidence is he said/she said. But that will all come out in court. The only thing I've seen against Moore is the fact he dated younger women (with their mother's permission." The "flaming gun" year book was a total fraud.

    As for my soul -- whatever happened to "judge not?" I guess liberals only use that when they attack conservatives. But I guess that "suits your political goals." Present the evidence and I'll be glad to change my position.

    Vandalia, I've been threatened with lawsuits numerous times. That's what cowards do to try to shut people up. And since you don't know who Nabi's "source" is, how can you possibly know he has "skeletons in the closet."

    Go back under the bridge and troll the Big Billy Goat Gruff.