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Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Diabolical Machinations of Pope Francis

Evil Counsel
Good Counsel
*Below are three observations on the Synod on Youth.

1) COMMENT by Pope Francis at the Synod:
"I would like to say to the young people: forgive us if often we have not listened to you. If instead of opening our hearts, we have filled your ears."

We will not guide you, nor educate you in authentic Catholic doctrine, but only accompany you in doing whatever it is you personally want to do, no matter what sexual practices you wish to adopt

2) COMMENT by the President of the Polish Bishops attending the Synod on Youth:
"It is regrettable that Pope St John Paul II was not referred to in the final document of the Synod."

No doubt this omission was deliberate, because John Paul's Theology of the Body, developed in about 129 homilies over several years, represents an authentic development and exposition of authentic Catholic doctrine on sexual matters. By not including such references in the final Synod document, the Kissinger negotiating ploy of continuing to keep open the avenues to inclusion of sodomite/lesbian lifestyles has been maintained.

3) THE FAMOUS NEGOTIATION PLOY of Henry Kissinger (President Nixon's Secretary of State):
If you cannot get your adversary to adopt the specific language you want (in this case, our Church's explicit approval of LGBT sexual deviances) then at least get your adversary to adopt ambiguous language that allows you to continue to argue that your desired interpretation is still acceptable and correct. In this case, that means that the Synod can be interpreted to have accepted the LGBT sexual acts as consistent with the perennial teaching of the Church, since they were not specifically condemned.

Pope Francis incurs great error when he persists in the Church "accompanying" youth without correcting them, rather than "guiding" them according to the authentic traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church.

* by Rudy Lohse

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