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Monday, November 12, 2018

The Bishops May As Well Go Home! Thanks, Pope Francis!

You know the reform measure we were going to
vote on? Uh...we aren't. Sex abuse isn't so urgent
all according to the pope Y'all can take a nap.
Vatican cancels US bishops’ vote on sex abuse reform measures

What a way to open a meeting! 

All the work going into the Fall Bishops' Assembly to address the sex abuse crisis is being tabled because the Vatican sent a message yesterday: Nothing doing! Don't you dare vote on those reform measures that were supposed to constitute the AGENDA for the week.

And doesn't it just warm your heart to know that Cardinal Blase Cupich popped up before Cardinal DiNardo even finished speaking to proclaim his support for the pope and assure everyone that His Holiness is taking the abuse crisis seriously.

Excuse me for laughing but this is the pope who is, himself, implicated in the cover-up of sex abuse in Argentina and one who has continually smothered the truth in ambiguity and confusion. Oh he throws a rhetorical bone proclaiming orthodoxy now and then while pulling the rug out from under the truth on a regular basis.

As for Cupich...Hey, Chicago is a bastion of homosexual sex abuse, even at the cathedral! And Cupich is a propagandist for homosexuality and those who promote it like Fr. James Martin, whom he calls the leading evangelizer of youth. (God help us!) 

If all of this sounds like business as usual, maybe it is. Remember, the bishops started talking about clergy sex abuse in 2002 at the Dallas meeting, dusted off their hands, and proclaimed the problem solved. So why are we here 16 years later with the problem as big and evil as ever?

One answer: There's a well-tested tactic to defuse a situation and disappear it. DELAY, DELAY, DELAY! Maybe everyone will get bored and go back to sleep. The wagons are circled as usual; the smelly sheep held at bay, God's in his heaven, all's right with the world. 

Except it isn't! 

And the laity should be outraged by this latest development which I expect will be a big subject at tomorrow's rally in Baltimore.

So what exactly are the bishops going to talk about this week? The weather? The big bad flock of sheep meeting nearby to pray and call for reform? The menus at local bars and restaurants? I'll be in Baltimore, but nowhere near the bishops. The one time I tried to get press credentials representing The Wanderer a number of years ago, the press office said yes and then pulled them when I went to pick them up. No meeting for you! 

Frankly, I was not surprised. The bishops' bureaucracy is committed to the Democrat Death Peddlers. This time of year the Campaign for Human Development collection reminds us of it. The bishops spend our money to promote moral evil and then spend more of it to pay off lawsuits for the bishops and priests in their ranks who commit it. Hey, who are you to judge, just pony up the funds to pay off the victims!

Lord Jesus, come!


  1. Business as usual?...No...It's SODOMY AS USUAL.

  2. The Dictator Pope spoke. And the U.S. bishops threw their sheep under the bus. Again.

  3. I believe the Bishops will now have more time to work on their letter to the laity on Racism.

  4. What is wrong with people! This should not be prolonged! We do not wait 3 months to correct or address a physical medical coneition! No Excuses ! This is allowing more time for cover ups not just investigations!
    Besides God , who has reign over our Pope?

  5. Look ,if you were the head of a huge corporate global institution of which your Managers have been discovered as having proved to be covering up their employees sexual abuse of children and adolescents and the US Federal Dept of Justice had begun an investigative inquiry, don't you think your lawyers would want to make sure you did not release any official statement of reform UNTIL they themselves read it over and made sure the document incurred zero punishable liability for the institution?

  6. That's the problem, Elpine Flower. They act more like corporate executives than shepherds. They depend more on lawyers than on the Holy Spirit. The pope is always talking about collegiality and how he is ONLY the bishop of Rome, but he acts like a dictator as Henry Sipe pointed out. And this is just one more glaring example!

  7. The Dictator Pope likes to call the Church a "field hospital." But wants to delay months to help the wounded.
    Glad he's not my doctor.

  8. Hi MaryAnn,
    Agreed with one additional thought , this "problem" is much older than people realize.
    Remember the UN "Treaty on the Rights of the Child"? Considering the disease of sexual perversity already within, that was quite a snare the Vatican stepped into back in the nineties!
    I think you are referring to Richard Sipe?
    Look how far back it was that he made his exit after working for Nuncio Cardinal Laghi. Records of every credible sexual abuse case from every diocese in the US crossed his desk and he tried to address the problem with the Bishops.

    How many times in the past have we been told, ".... the Church is NOT a Democracy.",as a means to counter the vocal liberals without? Now the shoe in on the other foot because they are inside. Let the Dictator dictate.
    No worries,
    Our Lord Jesus Christ is still in control of the outcome.

  9. At what point in time will the people rise up? The people are not here to support the church...the church is here to support the people.