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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: This is Serious Business!

Nabi Sayeth: Dear Friends, let’s play a “thinking” game. To do so you must set aside your educational accomplishments: Your Ph.D, M.D., your M.A., M.S., your B.A., B.S., your high school diploma….everything that would indicate you are a reasonably intelligent person. To play THIS game you must rely on your unabashed common sense in order to answer the question posed towards the end of this post and after reading all of its preceding parts.

What if you lived, worshipped and were raising your children and teens (including boys) in a Catholic diocese and you discovered:
-that many of the men studying for the priesthood are homosexuals

-that the majority of the priests native to the diocese are homosexuals

-that you never hear from the pulpit and in the classroom any word regarding the Catholic Church’s teaching on the immorality of homosexual behavior

-that the priest who is the vicar of your region (called a vicariate) is homosexual, expresses his love for homosexual pornography on social media and which pornography features high school and young adult looking male subjects

-that the Monsignors who work in the administrative building of the diocese (chancery) and who advise the bishop are all homosexuals

-that the Monsignor who oversees the Church legal system (Canon Law) is homosexual and accountable exclusively to the bishop

-that the top ranking Monsignor in the chancery known as a Vicar General is homosexual, he promotes a homosexual agenda and oversees the child sexual abuse program for the diocese (please remember that the vast majority of sexual abuse acts by priests are homosexual in nature)

-that the bishop of the diocese is a homosexual who has been accused more than once in the past of sexually abusing teen-aged boys under his care

-that the top ranking Cardinal of the Catholic Church in the U.S. and who single-handedly saw to it that your homosexual bishop came to your diocese as it’s leader in the faith, was credibly accused of many instances of the sexual abuse of teen boys/young men

-that many bishops in the U.S. have been accused of covering-up numerous cases of child sexual abuse in their particular dioceses to the point that civil authorities, including the F.B.I. are now investigating their dioceses

-that the president/head of the organization of Catholics bishops in the U.S. (USCCB) was found to be covering-up for credibly accused homosexual predator priests in his own diocese

-that the leader of the universal Catholic Church, the pope, when asked about his opinion on homosexuality by the media responded, “Who am I to judge?”

-that the same pope has as one of his top aides an openly homosexual priest who actively promotes the LGBTQ lifestyle to the point that he advocates changing long standing Catholic Church teaching on homosexual unions and transgenderism
My Friends, after considering all of the preceding information, here’s your question: Would you trust the hierarchy (leadership) of the Catholic Church to fix the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church? Can you see why many faithful Catholics are furious at any attempt by the hierarchy to do so?

My Friends, re-read the preceding information and then ask YOURSELF:


  1. It appears clear to me, Nabi, the crisis is too deep and too wide for any man or group of men to handle.

    Only God is mighty enough to right the ship. We know God will not abandon us.

    We must not despair of His ability to save us.

    We cannot and must never abandon the Sacraments. "To whom shall we go?"

    We must in any case, as powerless as we may be, speak up against evil. We cannot do nothing. Our voices must speak truth to error, in the most effective and most widely publicized and read sources at our disposal.

    Given the opportunity we must use any and all platforms and medium open to us to expose and rid our beloved Church of this evil.

  2. Nabi:
    This IS serious business I agree. Why can’t we just blow the lid off of this whole thing! Is it because in this day and age we worry about Legal issues?
    Truthfully I am 99 percent sure I know these priests and bishops and Monsignor’s of whom you speak! If this IS totally factual we need to expose.
    Another thing I worry about is the older priests of whom you mention are known but what about the younger ones coming up? Do we have another trail of repeat issues on our hands? How and when do we expose them.

  3. Not only have I stopped trusting them to fix the Church, I have decided their agenda is to DESTROY the Church.

  4. for Chriss, if she comes back... But the sacraments are not valid!!! Stop supporting the new sect financially and begin the process of learning the truth; the church changed with Vatican II; Pope Paul's top agenda item was to change the rite of ordination of priests which effectively neuters them, renders the mass a seder service, and that was the MAIN DESIRE of all these people: to destroy the Catholic Church by destroying the mass.

    But, you can find sacraments - you must be willing to call a spade a spade though, and see that what you have in Francis is not a true pope. There are valid priests and bishops..... and the astounding loving real true irreplaceable unchanged Catholic Church that I, born protestant, see more clearly than you do, evidently - because I converted into the Novus Ordo and soon saw: THIS IS NOT CATHOLIC! It is less Catholic than the Episcopal Church in which I was raised.

    You may have to move, as I am going to do, from Hawaii, which is a wasteland with no valid real traditional RCC. Go to novusordowatch; learn the truth about all the VII popes, including Ratzinger who has fooled many people grasping at a way to deal with the crisis.

    Crisis well predicted by several apparitions, both relatively recent (within the last 200 years), and older.

  5. If you are right, Nandarani33, then God truly has left us orphaned which I will never believe.

    I think the sedevacantists believe there has not been a valid pope since Pius XII, which means that most of the Catholic world is abandoned and the sacraments they receive are useless.


    I will never believe the God that I call Father abandoned his children because of bad popes and an ambiguous Council. Mother Teresa attended the Novus Ordo. Fr. John Hardon, S.J., a champion of orthodoxy, celebrated the Novus Ordo. It may be an inferior celebration, I won't argue with you there, but I will never believe it is invalid and that none of the priests ordained in the last 40 or 50 years aren't truly priests. God is faithful to His promises. And I cling to the promise that the gates of hell have not and never will prevail against the Church.

    1. Even if there had been no pope since 1958, the validity of the sacraments would not be affected. The sacraments do not flow outward from the pope.

  6. Nandarani33,

    I too am a convert. I also love the Traditional Latin Mass. But whereas I believe we have reduced mass in the Novus Ordo to a version that looks more episcopalian/Luthern/Methodist and therefore less unique, I cannot believe it does not have the same mystical power of changing bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as it had before. It simply made this miracle on the altar appear less important to the millions upon millions who witness it and has caused droves of people to walk away.

    Novus Ordo is for that fact a great tragedy, but it is still a pathway that leads to God. Never let yourself think those faithful devoted Catholics who bear with Novus Ordo mass have been left with no valid connection to God.

  7. But, Father, wouldn't the apostolic succession be broken if the ordinations of bishops were invalid? Wouldn't any bishops ordained by popes after Pius XII be incapable of validly ordaining new priests? Isn't that what happened to the Anglican Church?

  8. What a horrible mess these men, not of God, have gotten us into. God is purging the Church, as it should be and it is as painful as can be expected. There is much corruption in this Diocese (probably every Diocese) and in individual parishes. When I moved here from out of state, I was shocked to see the cliquish behavior and the obvious favoritism taking place. One such Monsignor rules like a tyrant, has his inner circle who always protects him, but tosses away anyone who he perceives to be not worthy, and none too gently, I might add, as many have had to endure his wrath, unjustly. His sermons are stellar, (except those that target people) but his actions paint another picture entirely. What do we do? Where do we go? I'm tired. I'm tired of priests and Bishops I can't trust. Tired of priests who fawn over the chosen few, tired of Bishops and Archbishops we cannot trust. These men need to take a vow of poverty, period. If they live in poverty, then we will see who really is a soldier for Christ. I hope this new crop of priests that have been treated like crap, sexually abused and harrassed end up being the men we need guiding our Diocese. What a mess these guys have left them, many prayers for them all.