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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: What Happened in a Mere 132 Years?

Nabi Sayeth: It is always enlightening and uplifting to read the lives of the holy Saints throughout Catholic history. If you find yourself feeling upset or disillusioned about events in our world today, just go back to the lives of the Saints. I assure you, your concern will disappear.

Never forget our friends and allies in the Church Triumphant help us in our crusade against evil!

When I examine the LGBTQ movement I am amazed at how on one hand, pagan ideology which is at the root of the movement has been with us throughout our history. Some sins keep reoccurring, often under a different name, but still the same old sin rooted in paganism.

Let’s take a look at the lives of some courageous Catholics who lived and died a mere 132 years ago in the African nation of Uganda. I refer to the great, faithful Saint Charles Lwanga and his holy companions:
Charles was one of 22 Ugandan martyrs who converted from paganism. Though he was baptized the night before being put to death by being burned alive, he had become a moral leader. He was the chief of the royal pages and was considered the strongest athlete of the court. He was also known as "the most handsome man of the Kingdom of the Uganda." He instructed his friends in the Catholic Faith and he personally baptized boy pages. He inspired and encouraged his companions to remain chaste and faithful. He protected his companions, ages 13-30, from the immoral acts and homosexual demands of the Babandan ruler, Mwanga.

King Mwanga had an insatiable lust for young men. He frequently forced them into homosexual acts. But he was also paranoid. He developed an irrational fear that if Catholicism continued to grow within his nation, especially among his royal pages, there would be an uprising that would bring an end to his reign.

Mwanga began to test the loyalty of each young man in his royal court. He asked each one whether they would be loyal to him above their faith in the Catholic God. If they pledged loyalty and proved it by allowing the king to have perverted sex with them then they would be allowed to live. If not, they were executed.

One day Charles was summoned to stand before the king and ordered to demonstrate his loyalty. But Charles refused to have homosexual sex with the king. His punishment? He was slowly burned to death. Charles would not serve any other “god” but the God and Father of Jesus Christ. “Giving in just to get along” was not an option for Charles. He demonstrated his loyalty to God by giving up his life. [See and Catholic Culture.

Nabi Sayeth: There has been an incredible moral decline in our culture in a relatively short period of time which would have caused the great Saint Charles to weep:
November 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Once upon a time, when the Sexual Revolution was in its infancy, social conservatives were mocked for their “family values” and the inherent stodginess that increasingly political phrase seemed to imply. The boring squares with their white picket fences and marriages and (often) string of children represented everything the sexual revolutionaries wanted to escape, and everything they wanted to liberate society from. Sexual liberation offered people an opportunity to engage in “free love” without being tied down, and as the Sixties turned into the Seventies, America emerged as an utterly transformed nation. 
Things have changed since then. We’ve moved far past the implosion of traditional marriage, the rise of hook-up culture, and the Playboy milieu ushered in by the late Hugh Hefner. Not only was gay “marriage” imposed on all fifty states by the US Supreme Court in 2015, but the transgender movement subsequently took the country by storm, with the elitist trifecta of progressive politicians, the media, and the entertainment industry obediently climbing on board with gusto. And with this second wave of the Sexual Revolution—preceded, accompanied, and helped along by the culture-smashing explosion of digital porn—the libertines changed their tactics. 
No longer, you’ll notice, are the LGBT activists mocking family values. Instead, the rhetoric has been completely reversed: They now claim that it is their side that represents “family values,” and that it is social conservatives—and more specifically, traditionalist Christians—who pose an actual threat to these values. It is Christians, the sexual revolutionaries now state accusingly, who are “homophobic,” “transphobic,” and an active threat to their own children if they hold to the moral values that held Western civilization together for 2,000 years.
Nabi Sayeth: It seems that we have declined so much so that we now live in an era that was prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah in 5:20 in which there are:
“Those who call evil good, and good evil,
who change darkness to light, and light into darkness,
who change bitter to sweet, and sweet into bitter!’
Where are the Catholic leaders and teachers who could speak and witness to the Truth? St. Charles was blessed to have had the Society of Missionaries, known as the White Fathers, who had built up a community of converts whose faith would rival their own. Their earliest converts were soon instructing and leading new converts that the White Fathers couldn’t reach. Many of these converts lived and taught at King Mwanga’s court. That’s courageous faith!

Catholics need to hear from their priests, bishops and the pope clear teaching of the Catholic faith and what it has to say about the propaganda spewed forth by the LGBTQ adherents. But where are they? Why do we so rarely hear their voices? Have so many been compromised by their own behavior that they are ineffective in the fight against the sexual perversions of our own day? We need many St. Charles Lwangas now, today….

St. Charles Lwanga and your Brothers, PLEASE pray for us!


  1. I commend Deacon Paul Owchenkowsi at St. Veronica in Chantilly, Va, and Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, pastor of St. Catherine of Sienna in Great Falls, Va. Both have and continue to preach truth with clarity and conviction.

    You are so right, Nabi, these voices are rare---few and far between.

  2. What is missing from Modern Poor Church; the central element of every age of Church strength and advance; is contained in the picture above and all other art forms like it: that central theme that always attracts faithful Catholics to it like moths to a flame:

    Glorified Church focuses on those majestic beings in the center. All else in the picture (including the “poor”) consists for one purpose - to enhance and advance the glory and majesty of those in the center of the vast array: Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother.

    We are not a Church of the poor for the poor. We are a Church of Majesty, Beauty and Glory, which contains Almighty God within it. The poor we will always have with us, but they are mere elements of the vast crowd assembled to glorify God in the highest.

    God, first, middle, last. The rest of the commandments fall into place in their proper order (including relief of the suffering) once God is placed correctly in our lives.

    We need to raise our eyes up from the gutter and slums of the world to the majesty of God in Heaven, our true home. Relieve the suffering of the poor, sure. But only so that they can join us in the vast array of glorified witnesses of God. Our Church needs to get out of the world, into the next where it belongs; crucified, as it were, to the cares, baubles and attractions of the earth, all the snares that entangle and separate us from our God. Alive in Christ, living in Christ for God alone. *In the center*.

  3. if only all Priests could be relied upon to give the people truth in their homilies, in their sermons... At my parish, I have to check the schedule to see which celebrant will be "presiding"... because I don't want to hear any nonsense from the new guy... this should not be a factor in attending Holy Mass... those who make the Mass about them instead of about Jesus break my heart, Jesus wept

  4. Boy does that resonate with me, Patti! I'm so sick of pabulum from the pulpit. How often do we hear a homily that has ANYTHING to do with the problems we're facing in the market square -- How to deal with kids who are shacking up or "coming out?" How about the atrocities going on in public schools where so many of our Catholic children are exposed to filthy sex ed. I've NEVER heard a sermon telling parents they need to opt their children out or testify at school board meetings or do anything to defend the faith. We get the readings regurgitated and then luv-luv-luv and join the Thanksgiving food drive. All well and good, but we're in a war against evil and you would hardly know it from what our shepherds are saying.

  5. Mary Ann,
    I totally agree, sadly I have stopped going to my parish. This whole dispicable issue is not sitting right with me. I have tempoarily lost faith in a human beings who are called priests that stand there and avoid important things that are in the readings and Gospel only to add their own "stories" that have nothing to do with anything and then tell us, how we should act and behave and love our neighbor and make God the center of our lives. Yes He is the Center of our lives but not in a homosexual priest who lies and preaches hypocritically.
    May God Grant us all Peace soon!

  6. If you give a liberal a foothold, he will not relinquish. How, then, are we to expect the un-natural sexual and abusive movement to do an about turn?