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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Adventures at the Polls: Sprinkling Holy Water and Engaging Democrats

Would have been fun to use one of these,
but my fingers worked pretty well. 
I just returned from voting where I decided to get into it a little with the Democrats. I'm always hopeful that some of them aren't really committed to their evil platform.

Sad to say, I'm usually disappointed to find that they are, in fact, committed to evil and have a dishonest playbook where they pull their scripted answers and talking points.

There were two ladies manning the Democrats' table. One was chubby, 40-ish, super short hair with pink streaks, and an aggressive attitude. The other was older, slim, and gray-haired, not quite so aggressive. No one yelled we spoke cordially although I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I smiled throughout the exchange. Pink Streak did too. Gray Hair was more serious.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, I saw the Democrats out on Main Street the other day with signs for Tim Kaine. I was impressed with your zeal. [Wish more of our folks had it!]

[Big Smiles and greetings; they thought I was one of them.]

Me: I'm a mom of five and a grandmother of 25 and I could never support a party that champions killing unborn babies in the womb. The Democrat platform is evil. Have you read it?

Gray Hair: Well, do you support putting children in cages? [Wish I thought to say most of the pictures of children in cages came from the Obama administration!]

Me: Of course not, but that's a different issue.

Gray Hair: It's my body and I have a right to choose. Besides it's not a baby. You're against science.

Me: It's not your body. How can it be a woman's body and be a boy? And science shows it's a human being.

Gray Hair: St. Thomas Aquinas says it's not human until three months.

Me: No he didn't; you are misquoting him.

Gray Hair: [pulling out her phone] Yes, he did; want me to prove it?

Me: He was talking about ensoulment. Besides, now who's being unscientific?

Gray Hair: I didn't say anything about science; that was her [pointing to Pink Streak]. It's a religious issue and my religion says it's not a baby. [She volunteered she was Jewish -- obviously a secular Jew rather than orthodox.]

Me: It's not a religious issue; it's a human rights issue.

Pink Streak: Trump wants to kill people like me! [At this point I assumed she was a lesbian.]

Me: No he doesn't; that's ridiculous.

Pink Streak: He puts children in cages. And he paid for an abortion. He used to be pro-abortion

Me: Where'd you get that information [about paying for an abortion]? People can change. Reagan did. And what about Bill Clinton the rapist? [Hey, if we're going to play change the subject why shouldn't I do it?]

Pink Streak and Gray Hair's Pro-Abortion Sister 

Pink Streak: Trump puts children in cages. [This was their main talking point.]

Me: Those people are coming in illegally and some are child traffickers.

Pink Streak: (horrified) "Those people!"

Gray Hair: None of them are trafficking children.

Me: Yes they are! And at least those children are alive.

Gray Hair: Three have died. [Don't know if that's true, but I wish I had said, and 50 million have been murdered by abortion which your party has made a sacrament.]

At this point I decided continued discussion was pointless. Democrats are delusional and don't believe in reality. The Republicans at the table next to them seemed to enjoy the exchange. I stopped at their table shaking my head and said, "Democrats don't know how to think."

Hope you have as much fun at the polls as I did. I sprinkled holy water at the entrance, on the door handles on the floor into the polls and made a holy water cross in the voting booth. Hopefully many demons will be dispelled at our voting place. Please pray for Pink Streak and Gray Hair today. I'll remember them when I say my rosary.

Our Lady of America, pray for us.

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