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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: The Homosexual Abuse Problem is World-Wide!

French Bishop Andre Fort covered up for the
molester! The homosexual clergy sex abuse
 crisis is world-wide! Laity, arise and fight!
Nabi Sayeth: Another report of a clergy sexual abuse scandal and its cover-up has appeared in the media. But the reporting of the story is different from many of those that have preceded it on two counts:

The report involves the Catholic Church in France. The details provide a look deeply into the sick mind of a clergy sexual predator. The story begins in typical fashion with the report of the incident:
“Pierre de Castelet, a retired priest of the diocese of Orléans, was convicted Nov. 22 of sexually abusing several boys under the age of 15 at a summer camp in 1993. One of his victims, Olivier Savignac, came forward to complain to the diocese in 2010, writing a letter to the then-bishop, André Fort. Bishop Fort assured Savignac that de Castelet would be kept from contact with minors but did not forward the complaint to civil authorities.”
Nabi Sayeth: As we have seen in most of the sexual abuse cases that have been reported, the crime in France involved HOMOSEXUAL ACTS PERPETRATED BY A HOMOSEXUAL PRIEST. But then we get a look into the thinking of this sick and sinful pervert:
“During the course of the trial, de Castelet admitted to “an emotional attraction for boys aged 11-13” but said that he “did not realize the harm that it could do them.” De Castelet was found guilty of groping several boys under the pretext of “medical examinations.”
Pierre de Castelet claims he had NO
idea molesting kids harmed them
The priest, who was removed from active ministry, told investigators that he was “alone against the world” in dealing with his attraction to young boys, and complained of a lack of support from Church authorities. 
De Castelet also gave evidence to the court concerning his “loneliness” and added that Church authorities were aware of his disposition and actions as early as 1993.”

(All citations from Catholic News Agency 11/23/18)
Nabi Asketh: How could this clergyman or any other of the homosexual predator clergymen make the statement that he “did not realize the harm that it could do them (teen boys)”??? (Please remember Uncle Teddy McCarrick said he could not remember any of his sinful acts!)

If he is a Catholic clergyman surely somewhere along the line he heard about the sixth commandment. Surely somewhere in his education, even as a child studying the Catholic Catechism, he heard that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin. I would imagine that someone might have told him that homosexual sexual behavior is a mortal sin. I would presume that he also learned the three conditions of mortal sin:
  • The act is sinful
  • I know that it is sinful
  • I give full consent of my will to the sinful act
And what about the sinful cover-up by the clergyman’s bishop? Not only was his behavior a mortal sin but as he discovered, it was a crime as well.

Nabi Sayeth: This story has important implications for the upcoming meeting of bishops in February at the Vatican for two reasons:

he plan up to this point is to label the problem as “pedophilia”. The sexual abuse of little boys comprises a very small number of cases. The problem is ephebophilia involving teen-aged boys and young adult males by HOMOSEXUAL CLERGY. The Lavender Mafia is unfortunately alive and well. Cardinal Cupich has been given a prominent role in the planning of the upcoming Vatican meeting. He has announced his proposal for the accountability of bishops. The Cupich plan would send allegations against bishops to be investigated by their metropolitan archbishops, along with archdiocesan review boards. Metropolitans themselves would be investigated by their senior suffragan bishops.

My Friends, The good ole boy system of the Lavender Mafia is alive and well. The Mafia is active throughout the Catholic Church around the world. The laity must speak out and step forward to let the hierarchy know that business as usual is not an acceptable plan….