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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Muhammad Chats With Allah Then Flies Back to Mecca on Lightning

Continued from HERE and HERE and HERE with Muhammad's description of his Night Journey from Humphrey Prideaux's Life of Mohamet. Keep in mind that Muhammad fabricated his Night Journey (Mi'raj in Arabic) which has no transcendent imagery whatsoever.

Remember that Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeans in
Mesopotamia where the moon god Allah was worshiped. He 
went to Canaan to worship the One True God. Also remember 
Joshua 24:14 - "...put away the gods which your fathers 
worshiped in Mesopotamia."
We’re almost finished with this tortuous history of Muhammad’s fabricated Night Journey. As foolishly irrational as the Night Journey is, especially Lightning, it’s important to know that Muhammad's Night Journey (Mi'raj) is believed by all Muslims to be true, the proof being that today the Islamic Dome of the Rock stands on Jerusalem’s Jewish Temple Mount, built directly on top of the place where Muhammad said he landed on Lightning and which apparently has Muhammad’s footprint there. In addition, there’s a sacred space on the Temple Mount where Lightning was ostensibly tied to a rock while he waited for the angel Gabriel and Muhammad to ascend through the seven heavens, converse with Allah, then return again.

So continuing with Prideaux's Life of Mohamet...

Muhammad and Allah Converse

“The angel Gabriel having brought Muhammad thus far (through the seventh heaven) told him it was not permitted for him (Gabriel) to go any farther. Therefore he directed Muhammad to ascend the rest of the way up to the throne of God (Allah) by himself. Muhammad said he ascended with great difficulty, slogging through waters and snow and many other difficult passages until he came to a place where he heard a voice saying to him, “Oh Muhammad, salute thy creator”.

“Ascending a bit higher he came to a place where he saw a vast extension of light of such exceeding brightness that his eyes could not bear it. This was the habitation of the Almighty where his throne was placed, and on the right side of the throne Muhammad says God’s name and his own were written in Arabic words, "There is no god but God, and Muhammad is his prophet." This is the Creed of Islam, which Muhammad also says he found written upon all the gates of the seven heavens through which 
he passed.

Allah or Sin was the moon god
in the Mesopotamian religions
“Being in the presence of God as near as within two bow-shots, Muhammad tells us he saw God (Allah) sitting on his throne with a covering of seventy thousand veils before his face and that on his drawing near, in sign of his favor, God put forth his hand and laid it upon Muhammad. Allah's hand was of exceeding coldness, so much so that it pierced to the very marrow of Muhammad’s back and he could not bear it.

“After this Allah entered into a very familiar conversation with Muhammad revealing to him many hidden mysteries, made him understand the whole of his divine law, and gave him charge concerning instructing men in the knowledge of it. In conclusion, God bestowed upon Muhammad several privileges above the rest of mankind, told Muhammad that he was the most perfect of all creatures, that at the day of judgement he should be honored and advanced above all the rest of mankind, that he should be the redeemer of all that believe in him, that he should have the knowledge of all languages, and lastly, that the spoils of all whom he should conquer in war should belong to 
Muhammad alone.
Muhammad’s Return Flight from Jerusalem Back to Mecca

“Returning from the presence of God after slogging back through snow and water, Muhammad found the angel Gabriel waiting for him where he had left him. Gabriel guided Muhammad back through the seven heavens the same way that he had brought him, set him again upon Lightning whom they had previously left tied to a rock on the Temple Mount, and then taking the bridle in his hand, conducted Muhammad back to Mecca in the same manner that he had brought him there (flying through the sky). Amazingly, the Night Journey happened within the space of one tenth of a night.

Muhammad wrapping up the Kabba Stone
“Whoever becomes a Moslem must have the same faith and this story must be firmly believed by all of that religion. However there has been the question among them whether Muhammad’s Night Journey was only a vision of the night, or a real journey. Those that would solve the absurdity of it would have it only be a vision, and that most of the essentials of it are to be resolved by figure and allegory, but the majority of Moslems believe it for a real journey, and if pinned down, there is none among them that dares in the least to doubt it (for fear of being killed).

“From that time, that is, after Muhammad’s description of his Night Journey, all his sayings became looked upon as sacred truths brought down from heaven, and every word which at any time was spoken by so enlightened a person, as well as every action he did in any way relating to his religion, were all carefully observed by all Moslems.”

Possibly because Muhammad touched it, the adherents of Islam still worship a stone. Please watch the short one minute video below of the 2016 Haj in Mecca.

Thankfully this ends the description of Muhammad's Night Journey. The next post will include observations and comments on questionable points in Muhammad's absurd story.

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