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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Black Voters are Turning Conservative! Say Good-Bye to the Democrats' Liberal Plantation

Diamond and Silk, the dynamite duo, score a home run with their speech at CPAC. You can tell they have the left quaking in their boots, because the liberal shills at Google, Facebook and Twitter are trying so hard to suppress their message on social media! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Diamond and Silk's speech. 

"We don't need to re-write the Constitution. [The Democrats] need to re-read the Constitution!"
"Here is what I don't understand. When an illegal alien comes through that border illegally, the left advocates to help and support them, but when an American baby comes through the birth canal legally, the left advocates to kill them. I have a problem with that!" [Their comments on abortion expose the evil explosively! The don't mince words. It's murder and don't make us accessories!]
"What makes America great is when you don't have to erase history because you know how to make history." 
"To Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren: You can keep your reparations. You don't get to buy my silence."
"We will never let the Democrats forget that they are the party of Jim Crow. They are the party of segregation....They are the party of slavery. Never let them forget. You don't get to buy my silence. You can keep your crumbs and make your own crumbcake."
"We need for her [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] to know that the Green New Deal is a raw deal and it's no deal for us! NO DEAL!"
"[Socialism] promotes poverty and it will drive us back to the days of slavery. And you have to understand what the Democrat party is trying to do. They are trying to intimidate, manipulate, in order to dominate. But it's not going to work! Because we have the power to VOTE-THEM-OUT!"
"They only smear who they fear!"
We are one race and that is the human race! The media...always try to divide us when they use that race card....When they try to play the race card, I want you to stand up and play the Trump card. We can win and win and win."
You just gotta love these ladies who speak with such panache and amusement. Go, girls, go!

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