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Monday, April 8, 2019

The soft core that lies around the hard core of politics consists of LIVING IN A BUBBLE

Hungary's Viktor Orban
The soft core of Leftism consists of universities, research institutes, NGOs - especially Soros NGOs - and the Mainstream Media and have huge amounts of power affecting politics which currently touts mass migration, the target of which is the Western world, especially Europe. Yet the majority of Europeans want to defend their Christian culture against mass immigration and Islamic culture invading their land. On April 5, 2019, Hungary's Viktor Orban laid it on the line. 

We either defend the Christian culture of the West or be overrun with Islam and Islamic culture until the floodgates hold no more. Mass migrations into another land - in this case, the liquidation of the precedence of European Christian culture, and with it the elimination of European nations - are never peaceful occurrences because it leads to conflict between different cultures, opposite religions and the fight for the future of whose culture will be dominant. As in "youth, when death has no reality" the current lie existing in the leftist bubble is "coexistence in multiculturalism"
This 30 minute video is on BitTube and is from the Vlad Tepes Blog. It starts slow but is well worth your time. 

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