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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

An Amazing Film Experience: UNPLANNED Rips the Mask off Planned Parenthood!

Wow! That was all I could say after seeing Unplanned yesterday. The film portrays the incredible story of Abby Johnson's conversion from Planned Parenthood Director to pro-life warrior. What a story! I've been following Abby since she left the abortion industry with a heart on fire to pull other people out of the pit. As a long-time sidewalk counselor, pregnancy help center volunteer, and rescuer I can testify to the the accuracy of much of the film because I've lived it. I've picketed and prayed outside abortion meetings and abortion mills. I've spoken to many abortion workers and abortionists. I've prayed with 40 Days for Life and talked to women going into the clinics and to some coming out after their abortions. To many I've offered help and healing. Pro-life work not only saves lives it changes lives -- not only those considering abortions, but those trying stop it.

Abby's story is so typical of women who have abortions and then get caught up in the industry to justify their decisions. Misery loves company and facing the truth and the grief of having killed your child is pure torture. But getting involved in the abortion industry makes people hard and calloused. Carol Everett, author of Blood Money describes in her book the marketing techniques she used to sell abortions, the same lies told to women being "counseled" by Abby in Unplanned.

Abby goes from being concerned for women to becoming part of the money-making business at the heart of Planned Parenthood. The business model for Planned Parenthood is to perform as many abortions as possible. It's their money maker. (It's not the burgers that provide the profit; it's the drinks and fries, the Houston boss tells Abby. They need to double their abortions because that's what pays the bills and the 401K.) Abortion is Planned Parenthood's business -- not the "mammograms" they don't offer that lying Cecile Richards talked about. They aren't raking in the millions doing pregnancy tests or treating STDs. Planned Parenthood thrives by sucking the life out of babies -- literally! And selling what body part they can for research to pile up more "profit." And that's what your tax dollars help pay for.

See the movie. It's great without being preachy. No wonder Planned Parenthood and the left are trying to censor it. 

Read about the Georgia actress playing Abby, Ashley Bratcher, who recently supported her state's heartbeat bill. And watch the video below about the red carpet debut of the film. Please pray for its widespread success. This is a film with the power to change hearts and minds and lives!

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