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Monday, April 22, 2019

Will the Extremist Loons Wake Up the Honest Lefties?

Camille Paglia, an honest leftie?
It's easy to pigeon-hole and condemn the left. Their "spokesmen" are so intransigent in promoting intrinsic moral evils like abortion, assisted suicide, sodomy, same-sex "marriage," etc. that one is tempted to dismiss them all as minions of Satan.

But I know some lefties who are struggling (as we all are) to live moral lives, some in my own extended family. They are kind and helpful. They love their children and are faithful to their spouses.

 I can't question their sincerity, however misguided their ideas. And that leads me to a dilemma.

What for crying out loud are they thinking? Are they crazy? Or is there another answer?

My befuddlement continued this morning as I read about Camille Paglia, a feminist for sure (and a lesbian), but a feminist who occasionally surprises me with her common sense. While she remains a Democrat and professes libertarian views on almost everything, she is no cookie-cutter lesbian feminist toeing the party line. Because of that, she is often in the crosshairs of presumable allies.

But lefties are famous for eating their own if they dare to deviate from the party line. They do it all the time. One minute you are a hero, the next a traitor and a pariah. Look at what they do to blacks who abandon the Democrat party and turn conservative. Do the offensive terms "Uncle Tom" and "oreo" come to mind?

Right now, Paglia, faces the ire of the transgender movement for daring to say that transgender women are not real women, defending the rights of biological women for safe spaces, and questioning the victim mentality of the  "me too" movement. For that, the politically correct league at her school, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, are circulating a petition demanding her removal or, at the very least, her marginalization.

Goodness, we can't have a diversity of views at a so-called institution of learning! Get back in the cookie cutter, Camille, or off with your head!

Another lesbian feminist, Julie Brindel, (who has herself been attacked for defending the rights of biological women) is no fan of Paglia. Nevertheless she defends her against the "trans-Taliban" who want to force everyone to believe that putting on a dress makes a man a woman:
Now that the trans-cabal have attacked her, Paglia will doubtless soon join the ever-growing legion of women who did not have a jot of prejudice in their entire bodies towards transgender people, got a good kicking for not towing the woke-Stasi line, realized what a hate filled movement extreme transgenderism is, and exploded. Paglia is not the sort to be cowed and her university president, David Yager, has already shown courage by standing up for her freedom of expression. 
But the trans-bullies don’t give up. They never do. Pretty much every week I am contacted by women who are in fear of their jobs because they have dared to question some of the more extreme transgender ideology. 
Countless feminist academics, in the UK and elsewhere have had their jobs threatened for daring to say that ‘trans women are trans women’ as opposed to repeating the cultish mantra from Stonewall that trans women are actual women. [Source]
Filled to the brim with delusion!
Can truth crack the lid?
This internal warfare is encouraging to watch. It gives one hope that the natural law still pricks the consciences of those who have seemingly rejected it altogether. Any time the truth gets a foothold in one small corner of a soul, one can hope it will begin to be the lever that lifts the lid off the huge drum of delusion.

Pray for Camille Paglia, Julie Brindel, and all those confused souls who have rejected the truth for lies. No one is beyond the reach of God's grace. What better way to spend the Easter season, especially during this week when we focus on God's boundless mercy, than praying for those immersed in delusion.

Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, have mercy on us! Open our minds to Your truth that brings the peace that surpasses understanding.


  1. LOL! Want to be my proofreader? It could be "towing the line" if we were talking about a yacht towing a dinghy.