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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Whoddu Guessed? Some of those Drag Queens are Child Molesters!

I won't link to Malestia Child's Instagram page,
and I don't know if he does story hours, but what

does he imply by adopting a name like that? Our
culture supports child killing. Molesting next?

Yet Another “Story Hour” Drag Queen Turns Out To Be A Child Sex Offender

Hey, Library Board, of course! We know you care about children. So bring the drag queens on into the children's section of the library to groom the little ones to except "gender fluidity."

Oh...and if little Johnny says, "Mommy, I have to pee!" send him to the Potty with "Malestia Child" or "Sharon Needles" or "Phallic Cunt."

Yes, these are all the monikers for real life drag queens. Motherhood and apple pie, anyone?

Allowing these folks access to children is absolutely insane! In Houston alone two sex offenders volunteering to scandalize children have been exposed (no pun intended) by the local Mass Resistance group. How many others remain underground because they change their aliases so much they're hard to uncover.

The Houston Public Library is scrambling to assure parents that they are on top of things. and that nothing, absolutely nothing, inappropriate ever goes on at their library programs.


Liberals are always telling us that religious people are unscientific. Well, sorry guys, biological science is clear. No matter how you feeeeeel if you have XY chromosomes, you are a male. If you have XX chromosomes, you are a female. Science! Biological reality! You can put on all the makeup, tutus, false eyelashes, and balloon boobs you can cut off the inconvenient appendages you don't want....and guess what! You are still a man! Every cell in your body says so.

And people who point out that truth don't hate you. They want you to live in the real world because that is mentally healthy. Living a lie never made anyone happy. And scandalizing children and telling them that they can defy reality without consequence is a lie too. Playing house and dress up is supposed to help children practice for the real world. Using it to twist their minds to accept the ridiculous, un-scientific notion of "gender fluidity" is sick. Your sex is not fluid. Except for rare anomalies where a child is born with both sets of sex organs, you are either male or female in every cell of your body. There is nothing fluid about it. Sex hormones and disfiguring surgeries do not change your DNA. And doctors who engage in this kind of quackery are irresponsible.

We live in an insane culture that is making a lot of people crazy. If you make one resolution, Fr. Hardon said more than once, resolve to live in the real world. And if you need to turn off TV and social media to do it, go for it!

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