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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Put on Your Black Arm Bands, D.C. Wilton Gregory is Coming to Town!

Pope Names First African American to Highest Post's official...another member of the homosexual subculture is promoted and will take over the most important see in the country. Many in Washington mourn today that another member of the McCarrick/Wuerl clique is coming to D.C. Haven't they suffered enough?

This is an unmitigated disaster for both Gregory and the flock.  When these men gain power they tend to abuse it and the flock along with it. That certainly can't be good for a man's soul. I hope every Catholic will commit to pray for Gregory and for the faithful of D.C. who live in the midst of a political world so filled with corruption.

On the other hand, it's clearly a celebratory moment for the lavender mafia. Fr. James Martin was quick to call the appointment a "superb choice." Well of course he would! As Reuters wrote:
Last year, when some Catholic institutions gave in to conservative pressure and rescinded invitations to Father James Martin to speak on his book about welcoming gay Catholics, Gregory invited the prominent Jesuit to speak in Atlanta.
Can't you just see Martin dancing and chortling while he continues to promote dissent to Church teaching and encourage changes in Church teaching on sexual morality? He is our own modern-day Charlie Curran, the priest at the center of opposition to Humanae Vitae.

No doubt poor Atlanta will get a bad guy replacing Gregory because Francis chooses like-minded homosexuals/homosexualists for most posts. Who are the most powerful prelates these days? Those who do everything they can to advance homosexuality. Watch for Fr. James Martin (who called Gregory a "superb choice") to receive more advancement.

Meanwhile, the flock continues to dwindle as Francis spreads confusion far and wide like he did with his latest papal plane trip. The smoke-blowing just goes on and on and on. Once again we, the faithful,  abandon ourselves to God and we pray and suffer for Holy Mother Church.

Catholic Laity for Reform issued the following press release today:

Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform Responds to Appointment of Archbishop Wilton Gregory to Washington
Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform Contact:
Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform (Catholic Laity) has released the following statement: 
With this morning's announcement, Archbishop Wilton Gregory is now the Archbishop of Washington. Catholic Laity continues to ask for a worthy shepherd who will be a robust teacher of the Catholic Faith and defender of Catholic morals. We also continue to seek for the laity better communication with the hierarchy and the Holy See. We are ready to work with Archbishop Gregory to achieve these goals. 
About Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform
Catholic Laity has two purposes: that Washington have a worthy shepherd and establishing a means of communicating effectively with the U.S. hierarchy and the Holy See about Catholic life in the United States. 
As Catholic Laity’s purposes have national impact, we invite interested laity from across the country to email us at to participate and contribute to these efforts. 
Our website is and our Facebook page is The restoration of the Catholic clergy to holiness will require the prayers, persistence, and example of the laity.

St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.


  1. How much influence did Wuerl and Cupich have in telling PF that he would be the right choice. In 2016 Cupich at the age of 67 was appointed to the Congregation of Bishops. He will remain until the age of 80. The congregation at present has 26 members from many countries; 20 are cardinals, five are archbishops and one is a bishop. There is only one other from the United States on this Vatican body: Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C, who was also chosen by Francis to serve on it. It certainly seems that PF is out of touch or/and is choosing to listen to the far left in bringing the Church down. Presently there are 8 vacant dioceses. Will James Martin be one to be considered? Afterall it does make sense with so many being siding with the homosexual and heretic lifestyles. May God help the US Church!

  2. Not just the US Church. Every few hundred years, we get a bad pope. Now is the time...lucky us.

  3. It is a cause of grave scandal to give Communion to those who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin. Therefore, doing so is a mortal sin. Because it is a mortal sin, it is forbidden by Canon 915.

    McCarrick, Wuerl, and Gregory are all advocates of this mortal sin. As yet another bishop who is an advocate of mortal sin, it is impossible for Gregory's reign in Washington to be any less morally putrid than his predecessors'.

    Since Gregory is a liar and a sexual miscreant, like McCarrick and Wuerl, it is metaphysically certain that Gregory will foster four more years of decline, dishonesty, abuse, and corruption.