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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Flee the Cities, Especially Those Run by Democrats!

And it's not just San Francisco. Find a major city that's a total, almost unlivable disaster, and you can be sure it's a bastion of liberalism run by Democrats.

How Decades Of Democratic Rule Ruined Some Of Our Finest Cities

Democrat socialist policies don't work. They never have. They didn't work in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1620 and they don't work today. The Democrats may win elections by promising free goodies to everyone, but in the end they destroy one community after another. But their leaders don't care because they live in gated communities behind walls with security guards. 

So you Democrats out there. Prove that you are certifiably insane by continuing to repeat the same failed experiments expecting that this time you can tax and spend your community into prosperity. Meanwhile, if you want a decent life, move to a remote section of a rural area. We live in the country, but I'm afraid we are too close to the interstate to be really secure. 


  1. Surely you mean the kneeling unfaithful? What do these priests of Antichrist have to do to get rid of you? Wear horns maybe? God will not be mocked. Receive your Protestant/Jewish mock Eucharist standing on your head if you like. Just as well for you that it’s only a wafer. Of course you are still engaged in idolatry. Call it the Montini Meal. Again, God will not be mocked.

  2. And now, we are going to have migrants in every community, as the director of ICE just warned on Fox News. He said they are coming to every community, so if you think it was bad before, just wait. And the Dems in each state will be doing their level best to give all the goodies away to our replacements, just as the European leaders have done for the Muslims.

  3. OLOL Believer, I guess you meant this comment for the previous post. I wonder if you know the AntiChrist personally. Your blasphemy against the Eucharist is serious. As you say, God will not be mocked.

    Do you really think your opinion reflects God’s? I will stick with the hierarchy of the Church even when they act in evil and sinful ways. God will sort it out. I don’t think he needs you to do it.