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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Left is Okay with Bullying as Long as You Bully the "Right" People... know...those deplorables who cling to their bibles and their guns and refuse to bend the knee to the idols of gender totalitarianism, Islam, globalism, climate change...(You get the picture)

Aaron and Melissa Klein lost their family-run business because they refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. Keep in mind that gay bakers refusing service to Christians are a-okay.

I got to thinking about this when I received an email about "Welcoming Schools." The group is actually one more perversion-promoting indoctrination tool used to make sure our kids develop the politically correct ideas for the new world order where anything goes (except for truth, motherhood, and apple pie).

"Welcoming Schools" is a project of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), one of the farthest left organizations in the country. HRC has nothing to do with "human rights;" it has everything to do with special rights for gender-bending ideologies, i.e., LGBTQ totalitarianism. It masquerades under the guise of anti-bullying, but it's real goal is grooming children to think with the zeitgeist. Remember the Hitler Youth and the Communist League. Control the children and you control the future. But first you need to control the language. Every totalitarian regime begins with the manipulation of language.

George Orwell's warnings about language manipulation were the first thing to come to mind as I read the website since language distortion/manipulation is front and center at HRC/Welcoming Schools. One might rephrase Orwell's quote spoken by the totalitarian pigs on Animal Farm, "All rights are equal but some are more equal than others."

In fact, the rights of LGBTQI groups are so much more equal that they trump all others. The rights of the politically incorrect must be suppressed if they threaten the rights of the privileged groups. So it's okay to bully Christians (whatever their color) and try to destroy their businesses if they dare to refuse to participate in same-sex weddings or print homosexual pride T-shirts. It's okay to humiliate students if they use their free-reading time to read the Bible. Bullying by homosexual activists who happen to be teachers is not uncommon and programs like "Welcoming Schools" are likely to embolden them. What student will dare to profess his beliefs if he can expect to be labeled homophobic or worse, not only by peers, but by teachers and administrators with the power to punish.

Consider the atmosphere of fear in totalitarian societies where those in power can persecute those who commit "thought crimes." Is there a more totalitarian atmosphere than a liberal classroom? I know home schoolers who fled such situations for the protection of their children. And we hear about it almost daily on university campuses where conservative guest speakers are banned from campus or shouted down if they make it to the auditorium. Listen to the brief audible sample of Diversity Delusion by Heather MacDonald for a few examples even at Ivy League schools where the only tolerance is for leftist ideas.

Examining the "Welcoming Schools" website is a walk in the Twilight Zone. The staff includes a lesbian, Cheryl, who writes that she is "married to an amazing woman and together they have four wonderful children." Excuse me, Cheryl, but you may have children but you sure didn't "have them together" in the biological sense. They have a dad or dads somewhere who are cut out of the picture to the detriment of the kids. Many of the other staff are career victim-mongers with connections to HRC.

Then there are the recommended books and lesson plans...all geared to make sure little Janie and Johnny accept the LGBTQI world view. (We'll soon be running out of letters to cover all the "gender identities as they keep growing!) Oh...and there are books to help parents and other adults "think outside the gender box" as well. After all, adults must see that little kids dressing up like Amazing Desmond and dancing at gay nightclubs while adult homosexuals throw money at you is such a sweet form of self expression. And it so tickles the lust of the grownups.

What's amazing isn't Desmond, but that child abuse to promote the LGBTQI agenda
 is going mainstream! Pray for the poor, exploited children. 
Bullying is a reality. We've all experienced it growing up for different reasons: buck teeth, early breast development, being larger or smaller than average, a funny name. Kids can be cruel and often are. I certainly saw that when I was teaching fourth grade. Many times I led an after-recess three minute examination of conscience with heads down on the desks about behavior on the playground after one or more students came in crying. It usually ended with "You know who you are," rather than to name names.

Teaching respect is important. But people should be treated with respect because they are children of God and loved by Him. No one has a right to respect for a particular behavior. That comes from the quality of the behavior and whether it is worthy of respect.

But that's not what the HRC is preaching. They want, no DEMAND, approval for behavior that violates God's laws (or nature's if you object to thinking about God). The truth is, that evil is never satisfied with tolerance, despite the mantra. It DEMANDS approval. So evil must be called good and those who refuse to acquiesce must be thrown into the fiery furnace like the three Jews in today's first reading at Mass. Obey Nebuchadnezzar and fall down in worship of his golden idol or be destroyed!

As Christians, we must answer as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did, "Be it known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.”

Whether the Lord saves us from the flames is up to him. But if we bow down to the idols of the age we are lost for sure.

Give us the courage, Lord, to be willing to suffer persecution for your sake.  And may we unite all our sufferings to yours on the cross.

Christ the King, have mercy on us and never let us put any other gods before You!


  1. I believe the easier it is to give in the more necessary it is to resist. We are way past the point of simply agreeing to disagree on things. The people we used to try to get along with for civiity's sake are today most likely ready to rip you to shreads if you don't get in line with their perverted ideas.

  2. Homosexual clerics are bullying straight sincere young priests and it has been going on for a very long time. Fr Desmond wrote about his experiences and those of other hetero priests and seminarians in Motherwell Diocese,Fr John Gallagher has been fighting an uphill battle in Palm Beach Diocese.

    According to my long time friend in NJ this priest tortured her verbally when she worked in his rectory.
    Why? Because he saw her roll her eyes at his sodomite alleged shenanigans.

    All he while posing as a traditionally minded pastor for what allegedly called "The peasants". Praised by Fr Z on his blog and lauded by ignorant parishioners.
    He got off easy because the Statute of Limitations ran out for the young man who was placed in his rectory for his internship after finishing seminary. He pleaded with his Vocation Director to be transferred and applied to Trenton Diocese for Ordination. His Catholic lawyer told me he was blackballed and lost his Faith when Fr Belisarius asked me to get in touch with him so he could have him Ordained in his Byzantine Catholic Rite.
    This is what happens to good hetero sincere young men with vocations to the priesthood in a clerical disordered controlled Diocese. This IS destroying the Church.