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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Baby Girl Left in Storm Drain to Die: Will This Be the New Normal for Democrats?

It happened in South Africa. Clearly the little girl was "unwanted" in the verbiage we hear so often
from Planned Parenthood. And so she was dumped, very deliberately, with a colony of stinging red ants nearby.  The lid of the drain had to be pried off to leave her there...and to rescue her!

How do you leave a baby cold and naked and crying in a storm sewer?

The same way you suction her out and deposit her body in the garbage with "medical waste."

What kind of "humans" do this?

The same kind who, like Andrew Cuomo, lit up the Big Apple to celebrate killing babies up to normal delivery (and even after)...the same kind like Ralph Northam, Virginia Governor, who tells us that a baby born alive after abortion can be killed if the mother and the doctor so desire it. The same kind who lynch blacks, decapitate Christians and burn their villages... the kind who call Jews subhuman and send them to death camps. Man's capacity for evil to his fellow man is unlimited and it is boringly identical. First use language to dehumanize and stigmatize, then persecute, then kill.

The satanic murder of the innocent is boringly similar no matter what form it takes.

This little girl in Africa had no value to her family. Her life was clearly unwanted. Perhaps she was an inconvenience, an she was left to die when she should have been cradled in her mother's arms listening to her mother's heartbeat.

Thank God for the woman walking her dog who heard the baby and flagged down help.

Charmaine Keevy heard the baby crying and flagged down help to rescue her.
Thank God for what can only be described as a miracle of grace for that poor little girl, unloved by her parents, but saved by a loving God through the hands of a woman.

Pray today for all those being led to the slaughter and thank God for this proof that he hears our cries, just as Charmaine Keevy heard the cries of this precious little girl.

May Jesus Christ be praised, now and forever!