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Friday, April 12, 2019

New York Introduces Bill to Break the Seal of Confession

The New York General Assembly's Standing Committee on Children and Families is considering a bill, AO6662, that would destroy the sacred bond between a confessor and the penitent. While the bill is limited to cases of child abuse, this is the camel's nose in the tent. Why should a priest not be required to report any serious breach of the law: murder, rape, embezzlement, etc.?

This is going on around our country and even internationally. Australia is drafting legislation to be introduced sometime this year. A Democrat senator in California (or as one Chronicles writer calls her, "Kookafornia") introduced a bill in March, SB360, that would do the same. Louisiana passed such a law in 2014 and it was upheld by the state Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case. It took 8 1/2 years before a judge dismissed the Church and the priest from the lawsuit. 

It's clear that the attempt to coerce priests to violate the seal of confession will continue. More than one priest has gone to his death rather than reveal a penitent's confession. Perhaps we will see more in our day as the chastisement escalates. I think we can lay this assault at the feet of corrupt clergy, primarily bishops, engaged in covering up and/or participating in the sex abuse of minors. How many homosexual clergy today use the confessional to hide the truth by confessing to potential whistleblower brother priests?

I am more and more convinced that the escalating evil in our culture is allowed by God as a chastisement to His people.  By our silence and our sins of both commission and omission, we enable the culture of death. How many Catholic couples commit mortal sins every month by their use of contraception. How many babies were conceived and flushed out of the womb because "the pill" made the uterine lining inhospitable. No room at their mother's inn for them!

How many Catholic parents enable the sins of their children by tickling their ears with the "I'm okay, you're okay" philosophy: blessing their fornication, divorce, sodomy, etc.? Many fear their children's wrath more than they fear the Lord. They willingly play Russian roulette with their children's souls to ease their own discomfort. 

We are in a mess! I don't have any answers.

But God does! And he never hides His will from us if we truly seek Him with a sincere heart. And what did He tell the chosen people? Return -- repent -- God saves!

Let us use these final two weeks of Lent to truly beg for our hearts to be transformed -- to die to self and embrace the crosses in our lives. Jesus' passion saved us from death and hell. Our union with the suffering of Christ continues to save today -- first ourselves -- and then those around us. Please, Lord, help us to make up what's "lacking in the suffering of Christ" by embracing our own personal suffering.

Viva Christo Rey!


  1. This comment is being posted by Mary Podlesak in reference to the bill proposed to the NY Assembly by Assembly woman Monica Wallace of the 143rd District of NY, a Child-Abuse manadatory reporting bill. I formerly lived in that district. I moved from Manassas to this Lancaster, NY district in the early 2000's.
    The proposed bill requires all clergy to report child abuse to the state, including any such information heard by Catholic priests in confession. The Assemblywoman from NY submitting this bill is Monica Wallace of the 143rd Assembly District. That is the District which covers Cheektowaga and Lancaster, NY:

    Unfortunately, at the ballot box we have few choices, usually only two, maybe three choices. I own a house in Lancaster, NY. I own it because my mother was murdered there. The Lancaster police have refused to investigate, perform an autopsy or toxicology. Monica Wallace’s district covers Cheektowaga, where I lived 33 years of my life, and Lancaster. She is a resident of Lancaster, but she wasn’t a native. She’s from Long Island. They have different values and different objectives. Monica ran in the 143rd Assembly district against a man I know personally, Russell Sugg. He is a good Catholic, my sons’ former boy scout leader, and a hard worker. He ran as an honest Republican in 2016 against a dishonest Democrat machine. He was said to have lost 54-45%. He told me he lost the African-American areas of Cheektowaga. I don’t believe it. They were stolen by the machine. African-Americans are taken advantage of by the Democratic machine with rampant election fraud.
    Monica Wallace was put in there for a reason. She is serving their agenda – the masonic agenda. Violating the seal of confession is just one more on their list of things to do – along with infanticide.
    I met with Mr. Sugg after my mother’s murder. I wondered what he knew about the Lancaster police. Specifically I asked if he knew anything about the masonic Policeman’s benevolent Organization that all of the Lancaster Police detectives belong to. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about them. But, he did tell me, the PBA did not endorse him and campaigned against him, and endorsed Wallace. She’s a mason folks, she’s doing their bidding and the establishment masons are in this together.

    One last point: Ann Barnhardt just posted on her blog a piece about masonry and the papacy, and how she believes the masons want to undermine the credibility of the papacy by creating a revolving door of popes, with the real power behind the curtain. Her first argument concerns our politicians here in the US. AOC, and other anointed facade affirmative action candidates will be fronted for short periods of time, while the true power lies in the lodge. That argument dovetails exactly with what I believe Monica Wallace is, the anointed Democrat of Lancaster-Cheektowaga who answers to her masonic handlers . I feel this is so important, I will repost my above comment, this one and Ann’s on my blog: Thank you Mary Ann for allowing me to post this.

  2. What do you say to parents who argue they are just "keeping the door open", or that they are not condoning the "living in sin", but just accepting what they cannot change? What rules do you think are appropriate - no sleeping together under your roof? No welcome, as a couple, at family get-togethers? Don't visit them at their house?

    Virtually everyone has different ideas. Do you know of any good Church resources on this subject?

    God bless you for all you do. Ellen