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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Guest Post: "When the Bad Are Punished, Others Become Better."

Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrates killing
children even at birth with two thumbs up.
Communion and Catholic Pro-Abortion Politicians

by Robert G. Marshall

Evangelical Christian, Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the famed Rev. Billy Graham, in three “tweets” in two minutes captured the hopes and sentiments of many Catholics by urging N.Y. Cardinal Dolan to excommunicate “Catholic” N.Y. Governor Cuomo for bizarrely celebrating and signing a third trimester abortion law. Since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision Catholic bishops have been in a position to question “Catholic” politicians who openly vote for abortion and who still claim to be Catholics in good standing.
Reverend Graham expressed his concern in his January 29, 2019 tweets, asking the Cardinal to take a moral stand that would have an impact on the worldwide church and also cited Albany’s Bishop Scarfengerger who called abortion torture.

The popular understanding of “excommunication” can consist of denial of Communion which is not formal excommunication, “but does amount to virtual excommunication,” according to Rev. Thomas Rausch of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.1

Formal excommunication is imposed on “baptized persons which separates those persons from the communion of the Faithful and deprives them of the rights of membership in the Church, such as reception of the sacraments and Christian burial … The ultimate goal of excommunication is to encourage someone to repentance and reconciliation with the community of the faithful.”2

To date, Cardinal Dolan and other New York Catholic Bishops have not imposed either denial of communion or excommunication on the Governor or Catholic members of the New York Assembly who voted for the new abortion “law.”  [Read more here....]

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