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Friday, April 5, 2019

Really, Mount St. Mary's? A NARAL Hero as Commencement Speaker?

Mark Shriver set to
 scandalize graduates
at the Mount. Protest
 this pro-abort pol!
Mount St. Mary’s University Urged to Rescind Commencement Honors Invitation

"The Mount" is one of the schools listed in the Newman Guide to great Catholic colleges so what a betrayal it is for them to scandalize their graduates with Mark Shriver! Here's a bit from the Newman Society's article:
Shriver was a pro-abortion rights politician who served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1995 to 2003 and failed a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002. Shriver garnered a 100 percent rating by NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland. In a 2002 Washington Post interview, Shriver stated, “Women’s issues are critically important and I will continue to fight for a women’s right to choose; family planning funds; maternal and child health funding and education for girls both here and abroad.”
What is wrong with the administration at the Mount that they find this man an appropriate commencement speaker?  What kind of role model is he for graduates, especially at a time when Democrats are championing infanticide? Mark Shriver's mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a real pro-life heroine, must be rolling over in her grave over his politics. (His grandmother too!) Shame on this son who dishonor's his mom's name and memory.

Join me in asking Eunice Shriver to intercede for his repentance. What does it profit a man to gain high political positions and honors and lose his own soul?

You can contact President Timothy Trainor with your polite protest at:

205 Bradley Hall 301-447-5600
June Miller
Executive Assistant to the President

Here's the email I sent:
Dear President Trainor,

I have always loved the Mount. I’ve attended meetings and retreats there over the years and I know several members of the faculty, one of whom was my spiritual director for about ten years. It has always been a place of deep Catholic spirituality particularly in its connections to Mother Seton with her great love for education.

When I read the Newman Society's notice that Mark Shriver is the commencement speaker for graduation, I could hardly believe it was true. Why would a great Catholic school present to graduates a man with a 100% rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League. Is honoring a man responsible for advocating the murder of future students really the kind of example you want to present?

I beg you to reconsider. There are so many wonderful possibilities: Catholic authors, activists, and pro-life politicians. What on earth was the reason for asking notorious, pro-abortion Mark Shriver?

I have a granddaughter graduating from Steubenville in May. She is the first of our 24 grandchildren to graduate. We have one other in college and two juniors looking at colleges now and many more in years to come. How can we possibly encourage them to consider Mount St. Mary’s if this is the horrible example we can expect?

My husband recently suggested to the Knights in our parish that the annual college scholarship should go to those going to Catholic colleges promoted by the Newman Society’s guide. I have to say that your actions must and should jeopardize your standing with that organization. And I am copying them on this email as a way of sending my opinion.

Once again, I beg you to reconsider for the sake of your students, for the sake of Mark Shriver's soul, and the sake of the Mount’s (and your own) reputation.


Mary Ann Kreitzer


  1. This is so sad! Actually, it infuriates me! How dare he have this man with 100% rating from NARAL honored at Mount Saint Mary’s!
    I sidewalk counsel outside an abortion mill which is not too far from the Mount and, thanks be to God, over the years, many of the seminary students joined us to pray. Since, sadly, it’s often just a handful of dedicated pro-lifers out there and we deal with the pro-abortion escorts out front, it always felt like the Cavalry was coming when the dear Mt. St. Mary’s seminarians came to pray.
    I pray that the students, seminarians included, stand up for life and for Catholic teaching and tell this president to STOP this nonsense. I’ll be contacting him, too. If he does not change, I hope to get a group together and protest this terrible anti-Catholic, pro-abortion choice and the ones responsible for this decision at the school.
    Thankfully, my niece graduated from this school a few years ago. I prayed for her to go there, rather than Harvard U., where she had also been accepted. I wanted her to be at a Catholic school and was so happy when she chose the Mount. However, if this is the kind of nonsense that the president is going to be pulling, then, the Cardinal Newman Society needs to seriously consider taking this school off of their roster of solid Catholic schools.
    It’s just so unbelievable how this man can just boldly pick this anti-Catholic, completely pro-abortion person to be presented at this Catholic school for honors!
    Thank you for exposing this on your site. I don’t live far away and I just found out about this from a friend, today. God bless you for standing up for Truth,...for the Catholic faith. Thank you.

  2. Via Facebook

    Also write to the Rector of the Seminary. This is a disgrace. I've written and emailed. Also thank Cardinal Newman Society for being on top of this!
    Thanks to you too Mary Ann!!!

  3. You are kididng yourself that Eunice Kennedy Shriver would disapprove of her son's pro-choice stand. Eunice was instrumental in helping her brother Ted craft his pro-choice stand, with help from the Jesuits. In addition, Eunice was alive and well when Mark Shriver was in politics, so she knew very well what his position on abortion was.

    (Of course, I agree with everything else you wrote.)

  4. You may be right, utahagen. Her history is very mixed in terms of her supporting her pro-abort relatives.

    I met Eunice Shriver once at a dinner for Students for Life many years ago. During the 1992 Democrat convention she was one of the signers of a pro-life ad. Who knows what she hoped to accomplish within the Democrat party at that time. She seems to have been a complicated person (aren't we all) who may have been balancing family loyalty with her pro-life convictions.

  5. "Who knows what [Eunice Kennedy Shriver] hoped to accomplish within the Democrat party at that time."

    It's clear to me that Eunice Kennedy Shriver knew abortion was evil - as you mentioned, she did sign that pro-life ad -- yet what she hoped to accomplish within the Democrat Party was to give cover to Kennedy politicians who had no intention of making the practice illegal. It's a fact that Eunice was the Kennedy who gathered the Jesuits who helped Ted craft his personally-opposed-but-in-favor-of keeping-abortion-legal position. There's no more damning evidence that Eunice put her family's political fortunes ahead of her morality than the fact that her son Mark had a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood. I do not believe for a second he would have been pro-choice if his mother had disapproved, as he ran for office with her full backing and approval.

  6. God rarely seems to come first does he? So many families fear the disapproval of their children more than they fear the Lord. Very sad.

  7. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I rather doubt Eunice Kennedy Shriver feared her son Mark's disapproval. My hunch is that her pro-life letter-signing was merely for the sake of appearance. Again, she was instrumental in helping her brother Ted craft his pro-choice message, so why would she have urged her son to craft a different message at a time when the Democrats had become even more strongly committed to abortion rights? EKS knew abortion was wrong, but she didn't really care about the issue; she cared about winning. Her son's position was the one his mother thought made sense.

  8. You describe her in a way that makes her seem like a hypocritical pragmatist. It just doesn't seem to fit the woman who founded the Special Olympics where many young people with Down Syndrome compete. She also did many other pro-life actions. I find it hard to see her the way you do. She was involved also in founding and supporting a number of today's pro-life groups.