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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Notre Dame Fire: Chief Architect Says "Ancient Oak Doesn't Burn Life That."

Is the official narrative honest or are the powers that be afraid of the conflagration that will erupt if it turns out that Notre Dame was deliberately set by the same folks (i.e., Muslims) setting the other fires in French Catholic churches?

Former Chief Architect of French Historic Monuments Casts Doubt on Official Story

Lou Dobbs had this to say at FOX:

Read more here. As Dobbs says, this is context, not speculation.

Do you believe the official "accident" story?

Were all those Church attacks in Sri Lanka against "Easter worshipers" just "accidents?" When will the media (and politicians and the bishops and the pope) abandon the mantra of the religion of peace? Maybe when the attacks start happening on their own doorsteps.

Will the Vatican's wall protect St. Peter's? Or will the Muslims leave St. Peter's unscathed until they can renovate it with minarets like they did the Catholic cathedral Haggia Sophia in "Istanbul" (formerly Constantinople).

Jesus Christ, Lord of the Universe, have mercy on us. Protect us from the evil one and renew the face of the earth!


  1. Of course it was deliberately set by Muslims. No doubt about it. Saying that it was electrical, i.e., LYING, means that those in charge think it would upset the French to the point that they would revolt against migration and Islam if the truth of the fire be known.

    However, the French would have to be CATHOLIC for the burning of Notre Dame to make a difference to them. That they are secular pagans means they don't actually care about Notre Dame. Why should they? It means nothing to them.

    When the Islamic hordes rise up and are slitting their throats the French will wonder what went wrong. "I was nice to them! Why are they doing this to me?" or "France welcomed them and gave them a home! Why are they killing children...?" (Or here in the United States - "In the name of multiculturalism, they are in CONGRESS! Why do they hate us?")

    There are no more Vendee-type Catholics in France to defend Christ and certainly not in Rome - Francis has made sure of that - and the sodomite ruled Catholic Church in America believes evangelicals, Protestants and Islam - all heresies - are better than Catholicism, the one true Church.

    Meanwhile, Orlando's Islamic Center (Jama Masid near Disney World and a partner in the Discover Islam series) - "by the grace of Allah" - is expanding to a 23,000 sq ft mosque, a 22,000 sq ft community center, an 18,000 sq ft sports complex and a 2,500 sq ft free charity clinic (with Islamic doctors for sure...will they treat women? Christians?)

    This mosque etc is near the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe whose only expansion at the moment is installation of an organ. Meanwhile Catholic priests tell Catholics that we ought to be more like peaceful Muslims.

    There are only two solutions. Either convert Muslims - AS CHRIST SAID - or drive them out.

    Naively we have let the devil in. An exorcism very soon will need to be performed. By "exorcism" read war...another Crusade...driving the devils out.

    We need to evangelize Muslims wherever and whenever we can. They are in the grip of Lucifer, caught in Islam's web.

  2. The churches in France have, first of all, been abandoned by the French. On a trip ten years ago we traveled by car around a large section of the country and in every church we entered, stopping at every one we came across, the holy water fonts all had about 6 ounces of slimey, moldy water in it. That tells me no one used it and no one cared. You might say the water was a reflection of their faith.

    Secondly, why would the French state, which owns all the buildings, want to maintain real estate that has outlived its purpose?

    The govt. is probably ready for them all to be torched so they can convert them to a more popular public use.

    The French gave up their churches when they stopped using them. This is a surprise onlyto American tourists.