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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Did You Miss These Stories? Six worth reading and reflecting on! And, of course, praying about!

Cupich: a typical liberal who operates by a double
 standard that persecutes good and advances evil!
Cardinal Cupich and His Selective Justice for Accused Priests Are we surprised when liberal clerics persecute orthodox priests even when they are exonerated? No justice for them!

Ohio Heartbeat Bill Signed Libs go wild! The sky is falling. Doctors may leave the state! (What a tragedy if abortionists went elsewhere, right?) Companies may refuse to locate there. Pray today for Gov. Mike DeWine, the "strongest pro-life governor in the nation."

Boston Globe Writer Encourages Waiters to "Piss" on Republicans' Food  Warning: Some liberals would happily poison you if they get the chance. The Globe fired Luke O'Neill after initially editing and dialing back his offensive op-ed. They didn't, as far as we know, put blood and pee in his office coffee. But if I were his former boss, I sure wouldn't eat a meal with him. He is, by his own words, outed as a barbarian!

Bishop Strickland Wants to "Pull People Away from Sin. Marriage is impossible for same-sex couples. Compassion, yes; coddling sin, no.

It’s Possible: Gays and Lesbians Can Have Happy Marriages. Love is a decision. Those with same-sex attraction can choose not to act on it. Happiness depends on more than who shares your bed.

Trump says he has legal right to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities Liberals tell us illegals living among us makes our nation stronger and our communities safer. So how come they are screaming bloody murder over Trump's plan to send illegals to their "sanctuary cities?" Hmm...could one say they don't really believe their own rhetoric? 

Go, President Trump. Please do it!

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