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Monday, April 8, 2019

Real LIfe Sidewalk Counselors Save Babies from Death and their Moms from a Lifetime of Regret!

The real Marilisa from Unplanned on the right.
Meat the Real-Life Marilisa from Unplanned

This is a great interview and as a sidewalk counselor myself I found it compelling. I spent many Saturdays for about 15 years sidewalk counseling at an abortion mill next to Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria. Before that it was Wednesdays at the Falls Church abortion mill where I stood on a stepladder talking to women over the fence between St. James and the facility.

Everything in Unplanned is absolutely on target about sidewalk counseling and pro-life witness.

If we had someone come with graphic photos we urged them to put them away because they erect a barrier between the woman and the counselors. She thinks you're there only for the baby and not for her. (I favor their use for other situations like Face the Truth tours or the Genocide Awareness Project.) I gave out a brochure urging her to consider herself and her future. I talked to them about the increased risk of infertility and breast cancer and how I personally knew how frightening it was since I was a breast cancer survivor. What a joy it was when a woman accepted our help and turned away from a decision she really didn't want in the first place! Some "choice" eh?

For most women it's not really their choice at all. They are under incredible pressure from the boyfriend, peers, or parents to do the "right thing," the "smart thing." They've been told over and over again that a baby will ruin their lives. They have school, a career, etc. to think about. Killing the baby is always hidden behind some supposed good. The devil is too clever to expose the abject evil he wants his victims to "choose."

I remember especially the calloused boyfriends who practically dragged women into the abortion mills, ripping our literature out of their hands and telling us, "She's already made her choice." Only it wasn't "her choice," it was his, and I often said that and told her, "He'll be gone in six months." They generally are. But there were other dads too who didn't want the abortion, but felt helpless to resist. They were brainwashed to believe they had no right to be a roadblock to whatever she wanted. We talked more than one of them to go back inside the abortion mill, "tell her you love her,"  and bring his girlfriend and their baby out. Some did and gave us thumbs up as they left.

A grand niece recently came to see me to talk about pro-life work. She's a dynamo who was down at recent Women's March with a group who engaged with the crowd in a loving way. They had to be surrounded by police for their protection. She wants to experience sidewalk counseling, so we'll be making a date to drive the 90 minutes to Hagerstown where they sidewalk counsel several days every week. The other closest abortion facility is in Falls Church about the same distance but an unpleasant drive in what I call the "white knuckle zone." So Hagerstown it will be with what I call a "rescue rosary" on the way. It has five decades in different colors: light blue for the Mom's (Mary's color), yellow for the babies (God's treasure), red (the color of martyrs) for rescuers and sidewalk counselors and supporters who take abuse for being there, dark blue for law enforcement who often find themselves in the middle, and black for all those serving the abortion industry. The rosary is a great weapon against the death industry!

I used to worry about the future of the pro-life movement as the "old guard" began to age and go to their eternal reward. But then I saw the torch being passed to a new generation. I saw the video impact of underground investigative reporters like Lila Rose and David Deleiden. I witnessed the power of participating in 40 Days for Life. Now I'm convinced the future is secure and God will use these new warriors to end abortion. I may not live long enough to see it, but it will happen!

Viva Cristo Rey!

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