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Monday, January 25, 2016

13 Hours and Why Benghazi Matters!

Remember the Americans killed in Benghazi.
I went to the movie 13 Hours last week. What a gut-wrenching experience. The terrorist attack on the consulate and the annex in Benghazi was brutal, relentless, and obviously planned. The two American ex-Navy seals killed at the annex by mortar bombs illustrate graphically that this was no random protest. Those Libyans involved were trained and had the weaponry to inflict devastating damage. Random protesters don't fire mortar bombs from the seat of their pants and hit their targets!

As I was reflecting on the film later, I thought of another movie where American forces were vastly outnumbered by the enemy, We Were Soldiers Once and Young. That movie described a battle of the Vietnam War where intelligence reports had vastly underestimated the enemy forces in the area. Once the battle began it was clear the Americans, like those in Benghazi, were in big trouble!

But why did that movie specifically remind me of the Benghazi incident? Because of the difference in the response to requests for help from the field. When it became clear the the soldiers in Vietnam were pinned down and grossly outnumbered, air support began immediately along with efforts to pull the troops out of danger. In Benghazi, the opposite happened. When the initial attack began, the CIA defenders at the annex, about a mile from the consulate, were ordered to stay put.  It was only after they watched the vicious attack for some time including massive explosions from their nearby vantage point, that this handful of heroes, this band of brothers, headed for the consulate to do all they could to defend both the ambassador and the other Americans pinned down there. And while the Americans at the annex called continuously for help, they were left alone and unprotected. The administration claims no one was close enough to help, while only three and half hours away in Europe was a special force trained for Benghazi type incidents on a training mission. Could they have been there in time for the attack on the annex? We'll never know. But we DO know that Obama lied about ordering everything to be done to secure American personnel. Liars will lie.

I could go on but Bill Whittle gives a compelling description of what happened.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are liars and traitors. They are also totally incompetent and couldn't work their way without help out of paper bags. It's time to hold them accountable for what happened. As Whittle points out, Richard Nixon was hounded for two years in the Watergate scandal until he resigned for lying about a minor burglary in which nobody was killed or injured. How many people went to jail over that incident? And yet, Obama and Clinton lied continuously (and continue to lie) over Benghazi in what can only be described as a massive cover-up.

Were they the ones personally responsible for denying help to Americans in harms way? Maybe not. Perhaps it was senior officials under them, but they were intimately involved in the same kind of lying and cover up engaged in by Richard Nixon. So why are they not being called on to answer for it? Because the liberal media will forgive them anything -- even the preventable deaths of Americans abroad. After all, if they aren't your relatives, "What difference at this point does it make?"

Because of the courage of a handful of brave men, twenty Americans survived the Benghazi attack. Where are they now? Why aren't their stories all over the media? Why did John Kerry refuse to allow them to testify before Congress?

The father of ex-Navy seal, Tyrone Woods, one of the CIA operatives killed defending the annex, talks about his relationship with one of the survivors who has since "disappeared." Where, in fact, are the Benghazi survivors and why is no one in the press pursuing this story? Where are the bulldog reporters like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein who gripped Watergate and shook relentlessly until the cover-up was exposed and Richard Nixon destroyed? There continue to be many unanswered questions about Benghazi. They matter! Let's pray somebody has the courage and perseverance to dig for answers.

As for Hillary Clilnton, she should face protestors at every campaign stop with signs saying "Remember Benghazi." Chappaquiddick illustrated the despicable character of Teddy Kennedy and deep-sixed his ambition to be president. We should never forget Mary Jo Kopechne, Teddy's victim, but neither should we forget the four victims of Benghazi and all the survivors who will never forget the terror of those 13 hours. Pray every day for our poor country.

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