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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Little Sanity on Gender Disorder from the Nebraska Bishops

Two thumbs up for the Nebraska Bishops who recently came out with a statement on student participation in sports urging the Nebraska Schools Activities Association (NSAA) to support a policy that children participate in activities according to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Frankly, it's just common sense. Why should boys who generally have greater size and strength be allowed to participate in girls' sports. It's unfair to the girls who work hard to excel to have to compete against boys. How many girls could beat a 6'2" guy (like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner) in a layup playing on the girls' basketball team? And what kind of injuries could a guy in a girl's uniform do to his opponent on the girl's wrestling team? Somebody needs a reality check!

That these issues are even being discussed seriously shows how dystopian our culture is. Gender disorder is just that, a mental disorder. Many people don't feel comfortable in their bodies: fat people, skinny people, people with eating disorders, people with handicaps. It's time for somebody to say, "Get over it or get treatment, but don't expect the world to cater to your imaginary world. Your feelings, no matter how sincere and intense, do not trump reality!" 

Little children love to pretend. In dance class they often pretend to be flowers opening to the sun or butterflies flitting here and there or birds on the wing. But pretending something doesn't make it so. The little dancer doesn't become a flower or a a butterfly or a bird. A person can have many different feelings. He may feel bullish in the morning and high as a kite at happy hour. But those feelings don't transform him into either a bull or a kite. My grandson who loves to wear his assortment of superhero pajamas doesn't become Spiderman or Batman or Superman when he puts them on. He is just a little kid with a big imagination.

Those with gender identity problems have a mental disorder. I don't care what the American Psychiatric Association says. They dropped homosexuality as a disorder not based on any scientific or health considerations but because of politics, and the same thing is happening with these other disorders. You're born either a boy or a girl except for "extremely rare" instances of hermaphroditism. It's in your DNA and no amount of "feeling" or pretending or surgical and chemical mutilation is going to change it. 

Kindness and respect is due to everyone, but that doesn't equate to participating in their delusions or implementing policies that treat others unfairly or compromise their safety. As the Nebraska bishops write:
Any person who experiences gender dysphoria is entitled to the respect and dignity that is the right of every human person, as well as genuine concern and the support needed for personal development and well-being. Such support, however, must be provided with due consideration to fairness and the safety, privacy, and rights of all students.
Pray that the NSAA adopt the policy requiring students to participate in activities based on the sex recorded on their birth certificates. Anything else is engaging in a policy of let's pretend.


  1. From California,

    Recently a female boxer did get her face seriously smashed in by a man who had a "sex change' to being a woman. She thought she could beat him since he was now a woman. Some women are their own worse enemies.

  2. I strongly disagree with your comments. The bigotry expressed here toward LGBT brothers & sisters is just one reason (among many) why I have chosen to disassociate from the Catholic Church. By the looks of it, I am not alone, as more than six people leave Catholicism for every one convert. You can have your pure, exclusive, and judgmental church. Catholicism loses more members than it gains at a higher rate than any other denomination. I choose love and find spiritual nourishment elsewhere.

  3. No bigotry, Bob, just reality. And there's no "love" (unless you mean mush-love that makes YOU feel good because you are so "loving" and "tolerant") in supporting gender disorders. The physical consequences of same-sex lust are disastrous. Look at the recurrence of venereal diseases like syphilis which is primarily striking "gay" men. Note, that it's described as a "major health concern."

    Read the obituaries in "gay" newspapers. Most deaths are among young men, some barely into middle age. Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant in the "gay" lifestyle.

    You can blame it on "homophobia" if you like, but that's just plain dishonest in view of the wide acceptance in the culture of even the most deviant behavior.

    Mother Nature is no bigot. People are born male or female. That is a biological fact. Everybody knows it no matter how much they pretend otherwise. Those who do pretend can't change the laws written on the human heart, Hence, their self destructive behavior.

    Name calling won't change reality. But it apparently makes you feel better as you ride around on your high horse.

  4. Anonymous From California,

    Thank you, Mary Anne, for your answer to Bob. Some people just will not face reality. There are just some things we can never be no matter how hard we try, and there are some things we cannot do without suffering terrible consequences. No one can really change their sex if they were born with all the body parts of a male or a female. In fact John Hopkins Hospital stopped doing such surgery because they say it does not help, and they were the first to do it. The only ones who need corrective, and I said corrective, surgery are the people born with ambiguous genitals, and they are rare.

    Trying to force people to say red is green; a mouse is a giraffe or a man is a woman is abuse of reality and an abuse of those who will not lie to please them. There are whole websites where bloggers tell why they regret having such surgery, and once a person is seriously mutilated in that way, there is no turning back to normality.

    The emperor has no clothes on.

  5. The correct term is intersex, not hermaphroditism. That term comes from Greek mythology and gained popularity in the Victorian era but no one is capable of being fully sexually male AND female, meaning to be able to self-reproduce or to reproduce as either male or female at any given time. Intersex is not as rare as you might think, and has four major categories. As for gender dysphoria, I don't think that I will waste my time in trying to convince you that is also real, but I have some hope that you will at least correct your obvious error. Peace be with you.

  6. Thanks for the correction.

    You don't need to convince me that people are subject to gender confusion. Actually in our current culture it's amazing that everyone isn't confused. You just can't convince me that a middle aged man insisting he's a six year-old-girl isn't a mental disorder. People would be much better off if they would just accept the reality that life is hard and suffering is the lot of the human race since Adam's sin.

    Whatever a person's "dysphoria" in life, I think the advice from, I think, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden," applies. Life is hard. Once you accept that fact, it's a lot easier.

    Applying prayer and concern for others instead of navel-gazing can also help I think. And I speak as one who has had my own challenges in life. No one's life is problem free.