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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Would You Stick a Bobby Pin in Your Ear or a Needle Up Your Nose?

It's all about the attack on life. Note the slogan.
Babies are a married couple's love with skin on!
If not, why on earth would you stick a metal coil in your uterus or take a strong and dangerous drug when you aren't sick? Yup -- that's the real war on women.

Metal coils and furious women: The story behind a controversial birth control

Contraceptive Conundrum: The Real War on Women

Why are women so stupid that they let doctors (and their boyfriends) convince them to stick metal coils and powerful drugs inside their bodies? You can't fool Mother Nature.
Conceiving babies is a natural result of sexual intercourse. Using drugs, plugs, and odd shaped metal contraptions (or alligator dung like those in the ancient world) is a sure way to mess up your body. They also mess up the nature of love. Chemical contraceptives are poison.

Catholics who follow Church teaching won't have a trouble-free life. There's no such thing since Adam's sin, but following God's rule book will avoid many of the body-killing and soul-killing choices that guarantee unhappiness. Study the beautiful Church teachings on love and marriage. If you are sincerely seeking God's will, you'll find it. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life (in the sense of blessed) do things God's way and join His Church.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post MaryAnn !

Dymphna said...

I know two elderly ladies who are convinced that their bouts with cancer happened because of an IUD or birth control pills.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There's a good chance they're right. Whenever I hear of a young woman (Say 40-ish) dying of breast cancer, I always wonder whether if she had an abortion or used chemical birth control. They really are killers. Of course, you can get cancer anyway. I had breast cancer at age 39 with no risk factors. No abortion, no birth control drugs, non-smoker --- but it made me a more effective sidewalk counselor sharing with women how awful cancer is and that they are increasing their risk. The difference is that I'm still alive and many of them are dead. Sad.

Anonymous said...

My doctor wanted to give me the birth control pill about 26 years ago for what he said was for medical reason but to prevent pregnancy. An older priest convinced me to take a class on Natural Family Planning. I did and used it instead of the birth control pill, and it literally saved my life since I had the type of beast cancer at that time, and did not know it, that the estrogen in the pills would have exacerbated. A female Catholic gynecologist told me that if I had taken those pills, I would have been in deep trouble. In other words, I would probably had not survived since it would have made a very small tumor grow larger faster.

Also, a non Catholic doctor put an IUD in my sister' body when she was younger, and she got a very bad infection. The doctor kept telling her it was not the IUD. Finally she went to the Catholic doctor that our family had when we were younger. He told her it was the IUD, took it out and the infection went away.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I taught NFP for years and we always told couples that NFP was about planning TO HAVE CHILDREN. We had one couple come who were very active in their Protestant church. He told his wife if we were anti-child he was leaving. When we said we have five children and NFP is about having families, he was sold. They later became a teaching couple. The interesting thing about NFP is that often couples who are planning to use it to avoid pregnancy often end up using the early fertile days. When I used to ask whether they knew they were using the fertile time, they always said yes and were open to a pregnancy but nervous about actually making the decision to use the MOST fertile days.

NFP, like anything else, can be used immorally, but when it's used for serious reasons to space pregnancies, it has all the approval of the Catholic Church. Many papal encyclicals like Casti Connubii and Humani Vitae affirm NFP. One client called me years after the class to say, "I was on my way to hell and NFP saved my life." It's part of the good news. I wish more people knew about it.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, regarding my post at 11:51 pm., Jan. 3, I was taking a medication at that time which could have caused a birth defect in a child, so I felt it was for a serious reason. My husband and I already had children, so we had always been open to having children before that.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

That certainly is a serious reason. I had cancer when I was 39 and was taking chemo-therapy. We used NFP very conservatively during that time for the same reason. Since chemo attacks the fastest growing cells, it was a definite danger to any baby who might be conceived. Had I conceived I would have immediately stopped taking the drugs.