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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Meditation: Homily by Deacon Greg Kandra

Honoring the Stranded March for Life Pilgrims

Stranded in the snow with hundreds of other Catholics and a few priests? What to do? Why -- build an altar out of snow, set up a sound system, and pray in Thanksgiving -- which is the meaning of "Eucharist." The witness of these young people is going viral and a media that ignores the March for Life every year is covering the students in the snow -- not only the Mass, but their kindness to fellow travelers: passing out food and water bottles, offering the use of the bus restroom, etc.

 They do, indeed, show that the pro-life movement is a witness to love: love for the murdered unborn, for their deluded parents, for the paid killers in white coats who so desperately need prayers for repentance and conversion, and for the entire mass of humanity, especially those in challenging situations.

And one message of these lovely students comes through loud and clear! Life is beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

For the FIRST time this was covered on our News BUT they did not say the people were coming back from the Pro Life March in DC.
There has been a media blackout for decades on the numbers who show up to protest the killing of infants.
Husband would tape the coverage to show us when we came home from the march and we were always surprised to see the coverage was only clips at the very beginning when most had not arrived.