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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bishop Morlino: Put Jesus Front and Center

The Tabernacle Isn't Just a Piece of the Furniture!

And by 2018, all the church's in his diocese will move the tabernacle back where it belongs -- in the center of the sanctuary. Praised be to Jesus Christ and two thumbs up for Bishop Morlino!

And two thumbs up to the pastor of St. Louis Catholic Church in Alexandria, VA. St. Louis was our family parish for over thirty years. During that time we grieved to see the tabernacle moved to a tiny side altar. In the latest renovation, the current pastor, Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler, moved Jesus back where he belongs to the center of the Church.

When a worshiper enters a Catholic Church, there should be no question about its purpose, the honor and glory of God especially in the Real Presence of His Son here on earth. The larger "house of the Lord" is only there for the worship of the one who dwells within the little golden house on the altar. Thank you, Bishop Morlino and Fr. Zuberbueler. May other bishops and clergymen follow your example to make the house of the Lord a fitting place for worshiping the King of the Universe.

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