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Saturday, January 30, 2016

So Who Are You Rooting for in Iowa this Week?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
The primary/caucus season is upon us with the first event in Iowa only a few days away followed a week later by New Hampshire.  This may be the most important election we've ever faced as a nation. It's clear we are self-destructing. If things aren't turned around, the country founded under God on the principle that "all men...are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights" may completely disappear. It's already well on the way. Of course, no man is our savior except Jesus Christ, but a godly man after the heart of God can be a leader who fosters and encourages reform.

There is something else about this election that is unique. The man who steps into the oval office after his inauguration will be serving his first year during the 100th anniversary year of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal. She promised to protect that country and preserve the faith there forever.
Portugal was spared the horrors of both the Spanish Civil war next door and World War II. The masonic government's attempts to suppress the faith also failed. The bishops of Portugal considered it a miracle due to their collegial consecration of Portugal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Think of the impact if our own bishops would do the same during this election year in preparation for the anniversary. And 2016 is the anniversary year of the three apparitions of the guardian angel of Portugal to the little shepherd children preparing them for Our Lady's coming. So the anniversary of Fatima really begins this Spring when the Angel of Peace appeared and taught them to pray and sacrifice saying, "O Jesus, I offer this for love of you, the conversion of sinners, and in atonement for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

So who will you support after prayerful consideration?

My choice? Ted Cruz. Fr. Marcel Guarnizo points out his qualifications as an experienced constitutional lawyer who defends what it stands for. In an era when the constitution is being savaged by liberal judges and politicians and the president himself, wouldn't it be refreshing to have a constitutional conservative at the helm?

As for Donald Trump, all I had to know was that he thinks his pro-abortion extremist sister would make a "phenomenal" Supreme Court judge. [source] Of course, he couldn't appoint her, but consider the impact she could have in advising him on other candidates. No thanks! Donald Trump is a great snake oil salesman, but he's mostly a clown with bad hair. I've enjoyed watching him make all the right people mad, but now it's time to get serious. We don't need another clown in the White House.

Read more about Ted Cruz here, here, and here.  And let's all pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima for the upcoming election. We desperately need a miracle like the one in Portugal to save our poor country. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


  1. Our Lady's request for the consecration of Russia to Her Sorrowful Immaculate Heart has not been fulfilled yet and that in and of itself is a very important criteria. She did protect Portugal due to the obedience of consecration to Her and She did tell us that in Portugal the dogma of the Faith would be preserved,unfortunately we will not be spared what we could have been spared had our Popes and Bishops complied with Her humble request. Mr Cruz is a supporter of birth control and I find that hard to reconcile with as pertaining to prolife.

  2. Is he? I wasn't a ware of that. He does support defunding Planned Parenthood. Actually, is there a single candidate up there who's opposed to contraception? Christie talks about what a devout Catholic he is and then shills for contraception. So sad. It is definitely the poisonous root that has spawned so much evil.

  3. Rick Santorum is the only candidate that I am aware of that comes close to practicing authentic Catholicism.

  4. I agree with Sam, I was a supporter of faithful Catholic Ricm Santorum the last time round and I am now as well. What gets me about Ted Cruz is he flip flops and has been dishonest. His wife was on board of the Council on Foreign Relations, and she wrote their rationale for over ruling US law, and letting UN type bodies make decisions for us. The CFR also advocates for abortion and legalization of the sex trade as a "career path".

  5. Santorum has a blighted past. Recall several years ago when Pat Toomey was challenging Arlen Specter for the republican Senate primary. Toomey was pro-life and we know about Specter (only republican ever to receive contributions from Tiller). Fearing Toomey would win the primary and lose the general, Bush had Santorum endorse Specter over Toomey. Specter won narrowly, with Santorum undermining the efforts of pro-lifers in the state of PA.

    Specter later switched parties so Santorum's treachery was for naught. The pro-lifers of PA remembered the betrayal and sent Santorum packing when his election came up. Had Toomey won, Charles Grassley would have chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and the US Supreme Court might have looked a lot different than it does now.

    To the best of my knowledge, Santorum has never owned up to his gross betrayal and the ramifications for the country.

  6. Please remember, Ted Cruz holds the "life of the mother" exception to abortion; Rubio holds no exceptions. Also, Ted wants to relegate many important issues to the states--abortion, marijuana, gay marriage. We need federal amendments to stop all these. And abortion SHOULD NOT be relegated to the states, because it is torture, and torture is unconstitutional!

    All voting for Santorum will do is put Trump in. Also, Santorum said on Fox News that he holds the "life of the mother" exception; Huckabee, too.

    I would vote for Cruz if I think he is the best person to edge out Trump. We will see how the polls look on primary day. However, the person who best aligns with my values is Rubio. He is shaky on immigration, yes, but the life issues for a Catholic are always most important.

    I personally like Cruz, and still may vote for him, but there are many things about him people do not know, which are important to consider.


  7. Are you aware that Ted Cruz's wife Heidi is a wealth manager for Goldman Sachs and has done work for the Council on Foreign Relations to move us toward a one world order?

    God bless you and your work.


  8. I wasn't. We really need to pray, don't we. None of them is likely to serve the Lord. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  9. I suppose they all have a "blighted past" to a certain extent. As far as Pro-Life stances, Google "Santorum Daughter Bella Trisomy 18". Last year at the March for Life I saw one and only one candidate at the March for Life, Rick Santorum.

  10. About Rick Santorum. Please watch this before taking things about him for granted. I don't know if he actually meant he would likely vote for legislation that has the "life of the mother" exception in it, in order to limit abortion, because we fight the battle until we can win the war for the time being. I agree with that. However, it did not sound like that is what he meant here. He could have been being deliberately making it seem like he is an all-around "life of the mother exception" supporter, when he really is not, in order to gain support. (If so, that is wrong, misleading, and sinful of itself.) I don't know. However, that is not what it sounded like here to me; it seemed liked he was saying he is a total supporter of that exception, which I was completely taken aback by. It is a horrendous thing for a daily Latin Mass-goer. Aside from that, he cannot win this time around. A vote for him is a vote for Trump, who supports abortion in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. Check Politifact for proof of Trump's abortion stance.


  11. Wake up they are ALL liars when they mix religion into the political mix. Santorum
    voted along party lines for abortionists like the jack ass from PA.None of you are aware of any politicians close to practicing authentic Catholicism because of the fact they ARE politicians. Even St Matthhew dropped the tax collecting gig, but absolutely no politician Christian or otherwise has made a real dent in the infanticide trade here and for that matter some of the worst pederast clerical sodomizers have pro life headstones and eternal flames outside of their churches.
    Protect your right to educate your children as you see fit, own a firearm and demonstrate and pray outside the murder mills ! No professional POLITICIAN will ride in on a white horse carrying Christ's banner !