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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another Whistleblower Priest Gets the Shaft! Or Is There More to the Story?

Fr. John Gallagher from the Diocese of Palm Beach

Here's the bishop's side of the story.


  1. Why hasn't Bishop Barbarito been arrested?

  2. Isn't this another instance where this bishop has punished a faithful priest in his diocese? I'm so fed up with their contempt for Christ's teachings and God's law. Their attitude that they can do whatever they like. Here in the archdiocese of Boston under [c]ardinal O'Malley all this and more goes on with impunity. They serve the world, not our Lord.

  3. This is unconscionable. I was at Holy Name where he was loved--and then he suddenly disappeared right into thin air overnight. Can't we all start a petition or do something? He is one of the very few who did the right thing. He also suffered a heart attack in the midst of all this. I have emailed my protest to the bishop and said I cannot contribute financially until this changes.
    That's when things began to change a few years back: ONLY WHEN THE COLLECTIONS DECREASED. What would happen if lots of us just put a note in the collection basket instead of $ stating we are withholding our contributions until they follow God's law, do right by Fr. Gallagher, and stop protection pedophiles over our children?

  4. The stress of these events often impacts the priest physically. We have a priest here in Arlington who was sent to a very liberal parish. He had a run-in with a deacon who handled the Precious Blood inappropriately and he had a discussion in the sacristy with him about it. The deacon (a liberal dissenter) complained to the bishop. The bishop suspended the priest without even getting his side of the story. The priest (only fifty at the time) ended up in the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure and the stress precipitated a neurological condition. Now, ten years later he is seriously ill, recently had a stroke and is in a senior assisted living. Bishop Loverde has been very hard on many good orthodox priests. Fr. Haley got the worst of it because he is stubborn and wouldn't stop bugging the bishop about the homosexual problem in the diocese. How many homosexuals are in the priesthood? Plenty and some of them are open about it and they remain priests in good standing. It is truly shameful! And they do an incredible amount of damage like Bob Pierson of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville that has a reputation as a bastion of homosexuality.