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Sunday, January 31, 2016

#Rein in the Feds: What Is Really Happening in the West?

It's an assault on the Constitution!

LaVoy Finicum is dead because the tyrannical feds will crush anyone who threatens their power. It will be instructive to watch the draconian treatment of the other arrested protesters who are now in custody and being held without bail. The next step? Crush them in the court system using legislation drafted for terrorists.

This is the identical strategy used against pro-lifers. Anti-racketeering legislation, RICO, was used against peaceful protesters threatening the abortion juggernaut. Legislation drafted to address mafia-type organizations and gangs was manipulated to go after rescuers to ruin them financially and suppress their free speech. It took two decades for pro-life icon Joe Scheidler to win the NOW vs. Scheidler case and finally be out from under the threat of personal financial ruin. This is how evil operates.

I've experienced the draconian hand of government myself at the state level. I was arrested in Buffalo with the Spring of Life right to life rescue in 1992. We were charged with a misdemeanor for blocking traffic. We had a large bail and those of us from out of town couldn't get local bondsmen to cover us. I spent 24 days in jail.

I got into it with one of the lady jailers for putting up a sign that read, "Welcome to the Gulag." She was offended because she had requested the detail to make sure we were treated well. "It isn't about our treatment," I told her. "We're political prisoners. How many people spend a month in jail for blocking traffic?" We were being held, not because of what we did but why we did it.

There were over 100 women in the jail, most of us sleeping in a hallway on the floor with our mattresses inches apart. Another big group of men were being held elsewhere. It must have cost the city a fortune, but they held us very deliberately, not because we were a threat, but to punish us. They didn't like what we stood for and they were determined to make us pay. The same thing happened to the Civil Rights protesters in the 1960s who sat in at the lunch counters and the same thing is happening today out west.

I've watched the videos of LeVoy Finicum. He isn't a violent man. He and his wife were foster parents for difficult kids nobody else wanted. And where were the protesters going when they were stopped? To a meeting arranged by Glenn Palmer, Grant County Sheriff, ostensibly to try to work out a settlement and exit plan. Was that just a set up?

While hundreds waited for the protesters to arrive, word of the killing arrived instead. And the sheriff left and went to the roadblock.

The whole thing is sad, but it fits the pattern of the government at both the federal and state levels when it comes to dealing with threats to their power. Peaceful pro-lifers have experienced police brutality on numerous occasions. The Operation Rescue in Atlanta in 1988 is just one example. I was in one Maryland rescue when mounted police charged into the crowd and then picked up rescuers sitting on the ground and threw them on top of other rescuers. I was one of those thrown. When citizens challenge a tyrannical state, brutality and even murder are too often the result. We kill thousands of babies "legally" in this country every day. Why would we doubt that a government that protects the killing of the most helpless wouldn't be willing to kill those who dare to stand up and challenge them?