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Friday, January 22, 2016

Random Memories on March for Life Day 2016

March for Life 2016 
So many marches: in the rain, in the snow, frigid temperatures and mild, sunshine or clouds. How many out of the 40+ was I there? Thirty-five? I haven't gone in a few years because of health issues. I never thought when I started marching in 1974 that we would still be fighting to save the babies over forty years later.

The early years when the March began at the Capitol: Jessie Jackson speaking so eloquently in defense of the babies then turning traitor to become a champion of killing -- while so many black babies are slaughtered. Oh, the tragedy of greed for money and power and how it brings down those who could be great leaders for life.

Jim Miller and George Yourishin doing street theater: Jim dressed in surgical scrubs as an abortionist carrying his string of bloody baby dolls. (How many abortionists actually bother to scrub? or wash off the blood from the last abortion?)

Gathering at the Capitol, then on the Elipse, and then on the grounds of the Washington Monument, a change of venue but always the same message -- Save the babies.

Taking a break to sit on the steps at the National Archives to watch the endless line of marchers and rejoice for the great public witness that would be almost completely ignored by the media.

Nellie Gray's faithful presence and leadership.

Thinking of all the babies saved by pro-life witness outside the abortion mills and getting the encouragement from the March to recommit to another year of sidewalk counseling.

The pro-aborts predicting that the issue would die after Roe and watching us year after year continue to fight with the ranks of marchers getting younger and younger.

All those great speakers: Henry Hyde -- who can ever forget his eloquent statement about the babies defending us when we stand before God on Judgment Day, Congressman Bob Dornan a regular presence, the great champion of sidewalk counseling Joe Scheidler, National Right to Life head Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Jack and Barbara Willke, Dr. Bill Hogan who was so instrumental in my own commitment to the pro-life movement, former abortionists, owners, and staffers like Carol Everett. So many are gone now, but they left behind a great legacy being picked up by a new generation: Lila Rose, David Deleiden, James O'Keefe, etc.

Meeting Fr. Benedict Groschel on the route and thanking him for his eloquent preaching in defense of the faith. "I'm like a nickelodeon," he laughed, "Put in a nickle and out it comes."

Always the bagpipes, drums, and flags as we approached the Supreme Court stirring the heart like the drummers of an army accompanying their standards. We march under the standard of Christ the King.

The encouragement of looking out and knowing that there are so many others who value the baby in the womb.

My mom every year collecting pledges to support the March, organizing the bus from her parish in Maryland, and (even in the last few years before she died) marching even when she needed a walker. What a witness you always were, Mom. Thank you!

The year of the Webster decision with pro-aborts fearful of Roe being overturned. The sides of the streets lined with leather-clad, body-pierced and tattooed pro-aborts some of them dangling the 12 week baby models from nooses. Have mercy on them, O Lord.

All the pro-abort politicians heading for the hills and leaving staffers to deal with the marchers.

Praying rosaries on the bus, praying rosaries on the March route. Please, Blessed Mother, end the atrocity.

Meeting a young woman who told me she used to be pro-life and came with her Catholic high school to the March when she was younger. Now she knew better and supported abortion. Please forgive her, Lord, and if she hasn't repented yet pour your grace out upon her.

Giving out little bags with sugar and gingerbread cookies shaped like feet and little feet pins on the St. Louis bus with the quote from Isaiah, "How beautiful on the mountain are the feet that bring glad tidings."

Remembering Mother Teresa's admonition that God doesn't call us to be successful, but to be faithful.

Pray the rosary tonight for an end to abortion and contraception. It will end, you know. And pray for those who are immersed in blood that they will repent before the great and terrible day of the Lord!


  1. Yes Maryann, too many politicians who could really care less and lying along with silent clerics to sincere people of God !
    Not to mention the media moguls who made sure coverage was basically non existent or minimized it regarding the numbers who marched out in the cold.