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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fr. Tom's Observations on a "Theology" that Dethrones Christ by Degrading His Teachings

How many Judases are in the Church today?
The following observations may be of interest to you, as we witness so many in our society seeking to supplant real virtue with virtual reality (including those seeking financial security through fantasy currency issued by the Fed).

God bless you!

Fr. Tom

The Church today is not only being attacked by many anti-Christs, but is also seriously infected with various forms of a-Christic theology, which seek to dethrone Christ by marginalizing Him and by degrading the integrity of His teachings. Among other things, such theologies tend to assert the following:
  • Evolution, not evocation (i.e., God’s loving invitation for humanity to share in His life), is the key to understanding the nature of human development; 
  • The teachings of Christ are to be merely implied, not decisively proclaimed; 
  • Expediency, rather that the integrity of truth, is the ultimate norm for morality; 
  • Jesus is not to be reverenced as our Divine Master, but rather treated as a holy mascot for the promotion of a social justice agenda; 
  • Technological progress is more important than the formation of character; 
  • All religions are basically good and true, so evangelization should only be directed toward affirming others, not toward converting them to appreciate and submit to the splendor of Divine Truth; 
  • Most people are going to be saved and share in eternal life, so our biggest priority should be to promote tolerance, harmony and understanding; 
  • The truth cannot be fully incarnate in any one religion or any one man, so holiness is to be realized by learning to abide amicably amidst the many awkward ambiguities of life; 
  • Dialogue, the exchange of opinions and perspectives, is more important than the humble, repentant and docile discernment of truth; 
  • Salvation is to be presumed with hubris, not appreciated with humility; 
  • Culturally sensitive gospel values and principles are more important than eternal truths and objective moral virtue; 
  • Personal sexual affirmation and gratification is more important than confirming the sacred integrity of the covenantal commitment of marriage through the conjugal embrace. 
Sadly, it seems that a-Christic theology is, de facto, increasingly becoming de rigueur even among some of the clergy in the Church. It is, indeed, so easy to forget that, especially in the spiritual life, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Without such vigilance, we will be vanquished by the enemy at the gates.

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