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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter: A Good Time to Think about Spring Bee Management

And that's what I'm doing. You can read my latest post here. And if you are interested in backyard beekeeping, you can see my beekeeper's diary here.

We're still neophyte beekeepers, but learning is half the fun. And you'd be surprised how often bees come up in the writings of the Church and how many saints and holy men and women were beekeepers.

Here's a bit of trivia you probably don't know. When Lucia of Fatima was professed as a Dorothean sister her mother asked her what she wanted as a gift. Her answer? A beehive. Can you imagine carting that on a bus or train? I imagine the area around her mother cleared out pretty fast.

So now I have another intercessor to join St. Ambrose, St. Valentine, and St. Rita. Sr. Lucia of Fatima, please pray for our girls to survive this cold, snowy winter and start off strong and healthy in the Spring.


  1. Good for you, Mrs Kreitzer. It is heartening to see more people get involved in this.

    My congratulations.

  2. I'll add another saint for you: St. Francis de Sales. In his "Introduction to the Devout Life" he uses bees throughout to get his point across.

  3. Thanks, Karen. It's been a long time since I read it, but I'll pull it out and highlight the bee passages for future reference. I love working with the bees. What fascinating creatures and they seem to me to be a serious argument against evolution's claim of incremental change. How do you develop such a complicated social structure where all the parts are totally dependent on each other by evolving bit by bit?