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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Random Articles Related to Abortion Monster, Planned Parenthood

Celine Dion and family
1) Planned Parenthood would have happily aborted Celine Dion, the 14th child in her family. Good thing her mom went to see a priest instead of the local PP affiliate.

How abortion played a part in Celine Dion’s devotion to her husband and family

2) With regard to the baby body parts scandals and the indictment of the undercover investigators there are some interesting developments. Isn't it enlightening to know that a prosecutor in the DA's office in Texas is on the board of directors for the local PP office and has been fundraising for them since 2009? Did that play a part in the Grand Jury decision to indict David Deleiden and Sandra Merritt? Can one really believe that it's a second degree felony to PRETEND to buy baby body parts while the one selling them did nothing wrong? How can you indict the buyer and say the seller did nothing illegal? That's like indicting undercover cops pretending to purchase drugs or the services of prostitutes and letting the pushers, hookers, and pimps go free. This one stinks to high heavens! The petition may not effect the legal fight, but it can certainly indicate that these panderers are recognized for exactly what they are. I signed the petition and I hope you will too.

3) A former PP employee described some of the horrendous things she saw during her two years of employment at Indiana's largest PP. It was all about the money! There is nothing PP does for women to help women (e.g., pap smears) that isn't being done at county health departments and local clinics, often more cheaply. A friend of mine and some of her friends did a little research a few months ago on PP's pap smeas. They checked out several states. Here's what she told me:
The NoVa PP charges $280. [The woman I spoke to at PP] said I could drive to Gaithersburg MD where they do a means tested pricing. Other women called to different locations - TX and Southern VA and the cost was $130 and $170. Another girl said it's free in CA.
According to About Health, the average cost of an exam and pap smear is $50-200. So remind me: PP is a non-profit and they care so much about women?

Former Employee: Planned Parenthood 'Money-Grubbing, Evil, Very Sad, Sad Place to Work'

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Anonymous said...

And Ms. Dion grew up to use IVF and frozen embryo reproductive technology to have all of her children. Also, I'm not certain that Planned Parenthood existed in French Canada in the 1960s and 70s, so I'm not sure of all your connections here. Of course, I'm glad Celene is around - she's got a nice set of pipes.