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Friday, February 17, 2017

Bravo for the President and Two Thumbs Down for the #HumptyDumptyMedia

President Trump gives masterful performance at press
conference. Surprise: Mainstream media excoriates him!
I watched the video of the president's press conference today and, as usual, the #HumptyDumptyMedia are misrepresenting it. They claim he only called on friendly reporters. Not True! He had an extended exchange with CNN's Jim Acosta. He also took a question from the BBC which is totally liberal. Many of the reporters asking questions were not identified before being called on so I doubt he knew where they were from.

Some outlets made a big deal about the president asking for a friendly reporter who posed an insulting question implying he's anti-Semitic. Trump shut him up. Good for him!

The president's performance was masterful. He stated in the press conference that tomorrow the media will say Donald Trump was ranting and raving and that's exactly what's happening. Look at Vanity Fair reporter Abigail Tracey saying that not only was he ranting but was "increasingly agitated." Hogwash! He was calm, funny, and he called it as he saw it. Honesty from a president! How refreshing. And his nose wasn't sticking up in the air to show how above it all he is like someone we had to watch for eight years.

Trump was grilled by the press for over an hour and he was calm, collected, and answered the questions openly (as far as I could tell since I couldn't always make out the question). Every criticism he made of the press is absolutely on target.

As a pro-lifer who spent years dealing with press reports on rescues and other pro-life events, I can personally testify to the unfairness of the media. I once had a Washington Post reporter come to my house for dinner and an interview. She enjoyed our hospitality and went on to treat me in her article with callous disrespect. She criticized the fact that I served meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner and mocked the fact that I was sitting "at the foot of the table" implying, I suppose, that I was a footstool for my husband. How did she know I wasn't sitting at the head of the table? She twisted everything I said and made a disparaging and superfluous comment about my hairdo. The photo accompanying the article gave my hair a greenish tinge. Maybe they were trying to imply that I was from Mars. Her bias was so profound that a number of letters responded with one taking her to task for her snide comments about my looks. I later found out her mom was associated with Planned Parenthood. No surprise there.

I was often the spokesman during those early rescues (before Operation Rescue, we were doing small rescues in the D.C. Metropolitan area going inside abortion mills and blocking the doors). Our side of the story almost never got treated fairly in those days. I once remember a picket protesting Maude's abortion. We had about 75 people on our side of the street. The pro-aborts had fewer than a dozen. The reporter (I think from the Post) never came over to our side of the street. It was par for the course. I still have a large notebook of articles that I saved depicting the media bias against the life issue.

So you can understand how people like me are thrilled to see the #HumptyDumptyMedia finally facing a president with the guts to call them out and to actually handle questions without a teleprompter. I expect his approval ratings to rise following the press conference. And I also expect the #HumptyDumptyMedia to take a further hit from regular Americans. The only ones who believe them any more are their own cronies.

One last comment. I had to laugh when the reporter (I think from CNN) expressed concern that Trump's derogatory comments about the press would damage the people's perception of freedom of the press. (Big guffaw here!) Was that a joke? The only freedom in the #HumptyDumptyMedia is for liberal politicians with liberal ideas and their liberal echo chamber in the celebrity circus.

Face it, Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, etc. ad nauseum.... We all know you are liars who report according to your liberal bias. Those of us with brains dismissed you years ago. Your days are numbered as your shrinking audience shows.

Here's the song for this post dedicated to the #HumptyDumptyMedia. Obama, Hillary, and company are gone. You're next!


Theresa said...

Bless you Maryanne...couldn't agree with you more. People hear what they choose to hear....Iheard it the same way you did. Bravo President Trump!

Gigi said...

Your assessment of the press conference is exactly mine! I thought he was magnificent and every time he called out one of the lib reporters, I shouted, Yes!” Keep on keeping, Donald!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Ladies,

Let's keep on praying!