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Friday, February 17, 2017

Peritus Gregory Baum Comes Out as Proud Sodomite and Adulterer

Do you ever wonder how we got in the mess we're in?

Gregory Baum was ahead of his time making the mess Pope Francis advocates. Isn't it consoling to know that such a man was among the "periti," (the experts) advising the Cardinals and bishops and helping to write the documents of the council?

Pray for the Church and study her doctrines so you won't be misled by the "mess" of pottage being stirred up in Rome. The teachings of the Church as they came to us from the apostles and have been reaffirmed throughout the ages continue to be our guides. Cling to your birthright and discern the spirit of evil, the "smoke of Satan" that has infiltrated the Church.


Anonymous said...

Mary Anne, for those of you who are giving up hope, I suggest you read the article entitled "Waiting for the Young Pope", March,2017. It can be found on the "First Things" website. It says it all. For one thing, the pendulum always swings back, and sometimes with a vengeance.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the suggestion; I'll take a look. I'm far from giving up hope. The more I learn about the corruption the Church, the harder it makes me want to fight! But hope is a given -- GOD WINS!