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Friday, February 10, 2017

Good Question! And who will oppose the global elites in bed with the Democrats?

"Echoing Iraqi Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda, Mizra Ismail — a Yazidi activist with the Yazidi Human Rights Organization-International — told Breitbart News, referring to opponents of Trump’s executive order:
'My first question for those protesters is: where were they when ISIS was committing genocide against the Yezidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria? ISIS killed and kidnapped thousands of Yezidis, mostly young women, girls and children. The ISIS jihadists also beheaded many Yezidis and Christians openly in the most brutal way and posted their videos on social media. 
'What were those protesters doing then? I believe when ISIS committed all those crimes against the Yezidis and Christians, those protesters were blind.....'
A different Yazidi activist, Haji Hameka, stressed that the executive order is not a Muslim ban but rather an effort to keep America safe. 
'It is not a ban against bringing Muslim refugees to the United States. It is a security check to avoid the entry of terrorists from groups such as al-Qaeda, and ISIS,” he told Breitbart News. 
'Trump is a real American Patriot who is putting America and Americans first,” noted the activist. “He has to protect, support, and save the United States. He was elected by Americans to put America first.'” 
Are the protesters "blind?" In many cases yes. Their controllers weren't encouraging riots over Yazidis and Christians. The elimination of people of faith is part of the global elite's agenda. The reason they don't include Muslims is because they can use them to attack Christianity (like Hitler used them against the Jews) and move us toward a one-world government. Democrats want to turn people of faith into eunuchs, allowed to practice our faith behind closed doors, but forced to change our beliefs or be silent in the public square.

Remember Hillary Clinton's threat and thank God she's not president! Pray for President Trump and our poor country.

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