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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Are You a Doctor or Do You Know a Doctor Who Will Help Freddie?

Freddie Lempe is being denied treatment.
Another move by the culture of death to kill off a useless eater to save money. Read about Freddie Lempe's case here. WakeMed has adopted a policy of neglect. They are in North Carolina. If you know a pulmonary doctor who might help, please contact This young man was improving when they decided to stop treating. That halted his improvement. It's the same M.O. that happened with Hugh Finn and Terri Schiavo before medical facilities withdrew food and water, thereby starving and dehydrating them to death. Is that the next step for Freddie?

Noah Wall, the miracle child, is receiving treatment.
Compare this  to a little boy in England born with only two percent of his brain. His case was "hopeless" and the parents were advised to abort. Now the four-year-old's brain has recovered 87% of its function and the child is learning to count and is obviously a happy, functioning little boy.

Freddie deserves the chance to recover as well. Who will stand up for brain damaged young people. They aren't useless eaters and many can make a good recovery if given the chance. There are plenty of cases on record of severely brain injured patients who recovered. If Freddie Lempe were a celebrity like Christopher Reed would there be any question of his receiving treatment?

Unfortunately, there are ghouls in the medical profession who prefer neglect when the patient is considered not worth their efforts. Brain injured patients used to be treated for a long period as the norm with the expectation that recovery takes time. Now, the norm is to pressure parents within a few days of a serious accident to sign an organ donation release form especially when the patient is young and was physically fit and healthy before the condition that left him debilitated.

Please pray for Freddie and all families fighting for their loved ones. The culture of death would rather kill than care.

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