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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reality and Political Correctness are on a Collision Course

Jillian Bearden is no woman! And competing as one is unfair.
Transgender cyclist places first among women in Arizona race

In November this man who thinks he's a woman beat out all the other women cyclists competing. Surprise! Even with male suppressing drugs, men are stronger and have more endurance than most women. It gives them an unfair advantage. Hey, I can beat my husband at Scrabble every day and twice on Sunday, but I sure couldn't beat him in a wrestling match.

But this isn't the only sports mess the transgender insanity causes. In Texas a 17-year-old girl "transitioning" to a boy and taking testosterone is on the way to winning the women's state title in high school wrestling. She wanted to wrestle in the boys division, but state policy requires athletes to compete against the sex on their birth certificate. And so, knowing she had an unfair advantage she competed anyway -- and is likely to win the gold. A lot of parents aren't happy.

Think about it. If athletes are caught taking steroids to beef them up they are disqualified from competition. But this girl taking drugs to beef her up was allowed to participate in the girls' event. And she's on the verge of winning the state title. Now, how does this affect rules against using enhancement drugs in sports in general? Why can't women who have to face men who think they're women not use enhancement drugs to level the playing field?

Sorry, transgenders, but if you are on drugs that influence your sports performance, you should be disqualified from participation. Period. (In fact a lawsuit is in progress to keep Beggs from competing in the girls' events next year.) If that keeps you out of sports that's just too bad. And men taking female drugs are still genetically men and stronger than real women. They have NO right to participate in women's sports. But that's not what the Olympic committee decided in Rio so watch for more of these ludicrous events in the future.

If transgenders insist on competing let's develop a new category of male/female events. Then Bruce Jenner pretending to be a woman can compete against Chris Mosier pretending to be a man. Somehow I doubt if most women will participate, especially in contact sports where significantly weaker contenders can get seriously hurt.

Did you ever wonder why there are no women in the NFL?


Alan said...

Remember how East Germany tried (with some degree of success) to put men on some of their women's Olympic teams?

I think that they now do a chromosome test to determine gender for Olympic athletes (no amount of surgery will change X chromosomes to Y chromosomes, nor vice versa).

Susan Matthiesen said...

The reason they mostly separate fillies from colts in horse racing is that fillies rarely can defeat colts, just as in the world of human athletics, the top female in her sport would have no chance against her male counterpart.

Of course in the trans world there's no longer a separation even though it's really a man thinking he's a woman but nevertheless still a man with a man's strength, competing against women. The women would need to take steroids to keep up with their female trans (but still natural men) competitors.

Saint Joan of Arc said...

When a trans person wants to be the opposite of their biological gender, instead of giving them drugs to change their gender, why not give them drugs that will help them be the gender they are? No matter how many drugs are given, there is no way they are going to be anything other than what God made them, because all this is going on in their heads. They need mental help, not physical. A lot of lives are going to be ruined and a lot more suicide is in store for this sorry experiment. Pray for all concerned, especially the parents who are pushing their youngsters into this.