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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Open Borders for Illegals; Open Season on Babies in the Womb!

Illegals in Tucson deface and trample the U.S. and AZ flags.
I'm furious and I'm sure lots of fellow Catholics are as well after reading this article in the Arlington Catholic Herald about protests at Dulles Airport over Trump's travel restrictions. I find it especially ironic to see Tim Kaine presented as a hero of the refugees. Oh yes, a politician who champions murdering tiny, innocent babies in the womb wants open borders and opposes Trump's common sense moves to protect us from terrorists and an invasion of illegals flaunting our laws.

Open borders for illegals; open season on babies in the womb -- that's Tim Kaine's position.

When my paternal great grandfather came to this country he and his children assimilated and became Americans. Today we see Hispanics in the West carrying the Mexican flag while they trample the American flag and Muslims calling for Sharia Law. Don't believe it? Check out the Muslim enclaves in many European cities that attack outsiders. Andrew McCarthy, author of the linked article, pointed out that:
jihad succeeds not just because of the jihadists, but primarily because of the swelling, assimilation-resistant communities. They are the incubators.
I want to ask every person who attended that protest at Dulles whether they lock their doors. Do they object to people walking into their homes uninvited to sit down at their tables and eat their dinner, would they object when they turned on their TV and pushed them away from their computers so they could skype back to their country of origin. Would they invite them to hop into their showers and sleep in their beds. A country has a right, no, an obligation to control its borders and protect its citizens from invasion.

Donald Trump hasn't shut down access to our country as the Herald alleges. He is requiring a vetting process that hopefully will protect us from terrorist infiltration and from accepting more immigrants than can be reasonably assimilated.

Not everyone in Arlington agreed with the demonstration at the airport as the comment below illustrates. As for me, I'll believe the sincerity of these folks when they personally house the immigrants and take responsibility for finding them accommodations and jobs like parishes did with the Vietnamese boat people several decades ago. Until then, it looks to me like this is just a way to attack Trump and keep the federal money flowing to the Catholic resettlement programs, $91 million in 2016. As for me, I agree with Jack McDowell. I also hope Trump nixes the grants to the Church. Most Catholic charities have been corrupted by their love of money and they are up to their necks in immoral activities. Maybe if the money flow stops we'll have more honest bishops! One can hope
"Jack McDowell • 5 days ago -
I am embarrassed for our bishop and other leaders of the church. Perhaps they should read the catechism on immigration. while, under the natural law, the refugee has the right to a better life, they need to respect the laws of the sovereign nation. my family and I have recently been victims of a felony committed by an illegal alien - hiding in the shadows of our country. this crime will leave a scar on my family for the rest of our lives. i am very glad that all of you nominal catholics feel good about yourselves - but learn the teaching of your faith and try to first protect the real innocent people - the legitimate citizens of the united states - then, when we can come up with a better vetting process - focus on letting in refugees. Btw - the 7 countries were identified by president Obama - not president trump. i ask you - is it irresponsible for a president to identify seven threatening countries and then do nothing to stop immigration or is it responsible for the president who takes this information and does something. 120 days people that's all - btw - Tim Kaine is pro-abortion nominal catholic who is speaking out of both side of his mouth - he can't protect the most innocent - but he can protect the potential right of terrorists to enter our country."

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John Sterett said...

Great article Mary Ann! Why all the uproar about immigration and the liberal left's spewing of hatred and vitriol toward Trump? Why does this same liberal left never take a strong position against Islamic barbarity? I believe that it all intersects at the point of the Constitution and the founding principles of this Country which clearly articulate the belief and understanding that God is the creator and that natural law is the basis for our equality before the law. The lawlessness which has been festering for decades is coming into full flower and is attempting to destroy the sovereignty of the Nation.