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Friday, February 24, 2017

Witches Mobilize Against Trump

We'll get Trump and his little dog too. Wait a minute,
does he have a dog? 
We knew the left was full of witches headed by chief witch Hillary Clinton. From their actions it was clear that the Women's March was full of them as well. Now all the covens are mobilizing to cast spells (beginning tonight) against Donald Trump.

I would like to suggest that the appropriate response to this evil is to pray every day through the intercession of the Guardian Angel of the United States for the protection of our country and our president. Satan is in a rage these days as mob actions all over the country (and the world) show. Fight back, Church Militant, with prayer. Copy this and keep it in your prayer book to say every day:

O Glorious Guardian Angel of the United States, to whom God has entrusted the care of our beloved country, we honor you and thank you for the care and protection you have given to this great nation from the first moment of its inception. 
O Powerful Angel Guardian, whose watchful glance encompasses this vast land from shore to shore. We know that our sins have grieved you and marred the beauty of our heritage. Pray for us, O Holy Angel, before the throne of God. Obtain for us from the Queen of Heaven, the graces we need to overcome the forces of evil so rampant in our beloved land.

Help us, our God-given protector and friend, to respond wholeheartedly to the urgent pleas of the Mother of God at Fatima. Assist us to offer the prayer and sacrifice necessary to bring peace and goodness to our nation. We want to make you known and loved throughout our land, so that with your help we may become once more "a Nation under God"!
And don't worry. Remember, all they have is Satan and his ugly little demons. We have the Trinity, the Blessed Mother, St. Michael and his legions of angels, and the saints.

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.
Our Lady of America, pray for us.
St. Joseph, pray for us.


TLM said...

Thanks so much for this prayer Mary Ann! I will absolutely pray it daily, along with my Rosary and the St. Michael Prayer. I read about this a few days ago and started praying a few Deliverance Prayers along with the rest. I woke up last night, coincidentally, with a feeling of not being able to breath. I was loudly gasping for air. When I finally woke up enough, I got out of bed and came out to look at the clock. It was 12:07 am. The witches were supposed to start their 'ritual' at midnight. I said more prayers along with the St. Michael Prayer and went back to bed. Slept soundly the rest of the night. Hmm....???

Anonymous said...

I also thank you for this prayer. I printed it out and will put it in my new prayer book and write it in later. Evidently it does not have a copyright, but I never print anything like this to sell anyway.