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Friday, February 10, 2017

Is the Travesty of the 9th Circuit Decision Part of the Plan?

On to the Supreme Court.
Will courts uphold the Constitution and laws passed
 by Congress? Or will judicial activists continue
to legislate from the bench?
Trump is no fool and here's a blogger's opinion who believes it's all part of the plan. I sure hope he's right!

Final Justice
"I think this is going to reach the Supreme Court and the offending executive order will be allowed to stand. To begin with, the executive order is almost inconsequential. President Trump could have achieved the same objectives without making any noise by simply implementing the long standing US immigration law. Even today he can simply hurry and implement a policy that will in effect be indistinguishable from the executive order or even harsher. The President can do that without interference from the courts. Why did he do this in the fist place? I believe he wanted the Liberal judiciary to take the bait."
I'm going to have a Mass said for President Trump and I encourage all my readers to do the same whether you love him or hate him. And send him a card with an encouraging letter. If you hate him, surely you should pray for his conversion. If you love him, pray he resists the attacks and does God's will.

We're in a war every bit as serious as the Punic wars when Rome, the culture of the family gods of hearth, harvest, and home, fought against Carthage, the culture of demon worship and child sacrifice.

Sound familiar? We are fighting the same war today and Donald Trump may very well be our Scipio. During this serious period of the Roman Republic, Cato the elder, a statesman, ended every speech with "Carthage must be destroyed!" The third Punic War ended with Rome burning Carthage to the ground and selling their remaining enemies into slavery. It was the end of human sacrifice until the decline of the Roman empire and the bloody persecution of the Christians.

Our weapons today are the Mass, the rosary, holy water, blessed salt, and other sacramentals. Let us pray that the culture of life will overcome the culture of death and destruction.


Mark Docherty said...

Another excellent post. I pray that you and Carlos are right about this all being part of a bigger strategy by Trump. I just don't see it; it looks more like bumbling. They read the statute and issued the order, thinking it was iron clad, not understanding the rule of law is dead. The law doesn't matter to the Leftists, the law is simply whatever they feel the law should say. That is what reality looks like in their brains.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Most of the judges come from the Humpty Dumpty school of law where the law says whatever they say it says at the moment -- not that it can't change in five minutes.

Chriss Rainey said...

The left is content for the country to be ruled by the court. Congress can make a little noise. A president can give a few speeches, but socialists all prefer rule by politboro panels. As long as the left was in charge of court appointments they had little to fear or worry about.

Trump's election has crushed their dreams of central planning like a lightening bolt. I believe Gorsuch will be confirmed before the appeal gets to the Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit will be overturned. I also believe Justice Kennedy will retire this summer. So might Clarence Thomas in the near future. Justice Ginsberg will not likely make it through Trump's 1st term.