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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Make Islam Great Again...and in America

With hate in his eyes and contempt on his 
face... Amer, radiating love and peace
Sweet-natured Arab Miami Muslim, Amer Abdelkhliq, woke up on last Saturday, went to work, greeted his fellow Americans with a holy smile on his face, wished everyone well with love and peace...oh wait. Fake news!!

Acutally, Abdelkhliq, 31, swung a metal pipe (Ban all metal pipes!) at employees and customers at an adult video store in Miami, refused to leave and threatened to kill the police officers who intervened. Read here

He said he wasn't doing "s---" when he was asked to stop, kept screaming, and threatened to shoot the two police officers. Then he said he was an Arab and he was going to kill all officers, and that the Orlando massacre was nothing compared to what he was getting ready to do. He said he had access to AK-47s and all kinds of weapons.

All the way to jail he continued making threats to kill the officers. He was booked on multiple charges including threatening a public servant, trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence and possession of drugs.

Amer Abdelkhliq is from Jordan.

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