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Friday, February 3, 2017

The people elected Donald Trump; Did we riot and burn when Obama was elected?

You can see a state election map and state by state results here.

How are the Democrats responding to the will of the American people? When you hear them call Donald Trump Hitler or a fascist, remember this video. It reminds me of kristallnacht, but I doubt if these protesters even know what that was. And here's an interesting article on how to define someone's actions as fascist or not fascist.

I'm all in favor of free speech protests. I even support civil disobedience to rescue lives, and I've taken the consequences by going to jail several times...but rioting, setting fires, assaulting people? That oversteps the bounds. They should have all been arrested and be facing felony charges! And people like Tim Kaine who are fomenting these behaviors are the ones who are fasists/communists. Commies and fascists don't care about the will of the people or democracy. They only care about their own power and will advocate violence to get it.

What kind of country do you want to live in?

I hope Trump follows through on his threat and redirects federal research money to other institutions. If Berkley can't control their students and outsiders who foment this kind of anarchy, cut off the money!


Anonymous said...

Your map is misleading... Trump was elected by the electoral college system and not by the sheer number of votes. Just because the 'blue' areas have greater populations, should those votes count less? Popular vote went to Hillary, and even our incredibly conservative Secretary of State says that there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud. And yes, there was a lot of burning in effigy, internet madness, and general tomfoolery going on when Obama won, too. We Americans are not gracious losers. I didn't vote for Obama and I couldn't vote for Trump, but I'm tired of the alternative facts going on about this election. Trump won due to the electoral college. There was no voter fraud. Clinton won the popular vote. Now we have to learn to live with it or learn how to effectively change the system.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You misunderstood. I wasn't saying he won the popular vote and I didn't say anything about voter fraud. But Trump definitely won the country. The popular vote would disenfranchise most communities in the country and they would never see a presidential candidate.

Should the highly populated cities with their high numbers of welfare recipients who have a stake in voting Democrat elect the president? Clearly Trump won the country. And that is why it's necessary to have an electoral college. Otherwise a few population dense cities in the country would always determine the presidency: NYC, Chicago, LA, Seattle, Portland, etc. The midwest would be almost completely disenfranchised.

Unknown said...

Anonymous , Really what is your " issue " with President Trump? I some how doubt it is the Electoral vote or the popular vote.