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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Insanity Over the Election Reigns!

Couple married 22 years separates over vote for president.

No couple walks in lockstep. My husband and I had many discussions during the campaign. He would NEVER vote for Hillary the child-killer, but he initially didn't plan to vote for Trump. He planned to sit it out or write in.

We spoke about it many times during the months preceding the election. I agreed with him that Trump could be crass and crude. Neither of us were happy with his multiple marriages. But we didn't stop looking at other things that he was impacting in a good way.

  • The establishment Republicans who have sold us out for decades were in a tizzy and they deserved to be! Seeing Mitch McConnell squirm made my heart sing.
  • The GOP Platform was the most pro-life on record and the pro-life issue was front and center throughout the campaign more than it has EVER been since Roe v. Wade. He challenged Hillary and the media on their pro-abortion extremism. When did Bush do that?
  • Trump promised to name strict constructionists who supported the right to life to the Supreme Court and actually named names! Wow!
  • He surrounded himself with good, moral, pro-life advisers at ever level. And they didn't try to dodge the issue but addressed it head on and Mike Pence was especially articulate!
  • Above all, his election provided hope that at least some babies would live instead of being ripped limb from limb under Hillary Clinton who even defends killing unwanted babies after birth by neglect. One of Trump's first acts was to ban international funding of abortion. 
I was a Ted Cruz supporter but decided early on that I would have no problem supporting Trump. And I have no regrets. In fact, I support him now more than ever. The hatred from the left says something good about Trump. If a group you oppose on every level hates your man, he deserves a serious examination. Actually, I'm going to have Masses said for him. He needs our prayers to deal with all the animosity and slander coming from the vicious "Love trumps hate" phonies who love to tweet about their dreams of his assassination.

Yes, indeed, I support Trump's pro-life stand, but also his decision to protect our borders and vet immigrants to prevent another 9/11. I love his support for our military and first responders and I'm thrilled to see him meet with them in the oval office. They deserve respect unlike the contempt they got from Obama and the Clintons. Yes, there are a few bad apples in the barrel, but most (like my brother, a retired cop) are family men committed to defending EVERYBODY's families. I agree with his tax policies and moves to keep jobs in the U.S. which helps Americans. We're a generous people. When we do better, so do people assisted by the charities we support.

My husband ended up voting for Trump. He's seen no reason to date to regret that move and we both pray for the president and for the conversion of the mindless mobs who haven't got a clue what they are protesting. May God pour out the grace of common sense on our poor, brainwashed countrymen. How many protesting Trump's executive order have read it or read the GOP platform that outlines a true common sense direction for our beloved country? Darn few I would bet. They just follow the headless leaders who use them like pawns in a chess game.  


Aussietomt said...

Trump is mentioned in my petitions at Mass each day, as it appears he is restoring some realism to national leadership. You wouldn't believe the difference in our national parliament here in Australia since the famous "set to" between Trump and our Prime Minister, Turnbull. Mr.Turnbull seems to have learn't something very quickly and has finally exhibited some hardness in his policies. His performance in Parliament the last two days has been outstanding.
I might mention that the Pope , our Cardinals and Bishop also are in my petitions, again for some sign of realism that they understand 2000 years of our Catholic Faith cannot be diluted in a way that Pope Pius X spoke, wrote and warned about would happen.
Guess someone my age has to be traditional, rigid, tries to follow ALL the commandments. Having said that....what a joy it is to be so out of touch!!!!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Ausietomt. I love that the internet brings all of us "out of touch" folks together. God bless you and your countrymen "down under."