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Monday, February 6, 2017

"Love Trumps Hate?" And that includes wishing for the president's assassination?

Gary Franchi pegs it when he says these people have lost their filters (also their minds). How can anyone think publicly advocating assassination of ANYBODY, much less the president, is okay? It's like being at the airport and joking to the TSA that you have a bomb in your luggage. Hello?

Heather Lowry's behavior also exposes the lie that liberals are loving, compassionate people. No they're not. They routinely express hate and contempt for those with whom they disagree. Look at Planned Parenthood always labeling pro-lifers as terrorists and making a cartoon video showing them being blown up. People who advocate killing babies will never be squeamish about using hate speech, slander, and contempt toward anyone who opposes them. And if you have a conversion experience, leave their ranks, and change your views -- well, get ready for the character assassination.

Pray for Heather. She no doubt still feels the same way and continues to wish for Trump's assassination, but I bet she wishes she never tweeted it. She probably also blames everyone who disagrees with her liberalism for the problems she's now experiencing and feels like a victim. Next time, Heather, put your brain in gear before you tweet.

And if you think this woman is a lone voice among liberals, get real. There have been thousands of pro-assassination tweets since Trump was elected. Let's hope it's all just talk, but the Secret Service is taking some of these tweets seriously and investigating. Good. Maybe a few heads rolling will put the lid on these irresponsible, hate-filled liberals.

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