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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is Pope Francis a Formal Heretic?

Dr. Lamont thinks so.

And what if the pope is, in fact, a formal heretic? What are the faithful to do?

Mundabor suggests how to cope with a heretical pope.

It's not the job of the laity to declare a pope a heretic. But we do have to live with the consequences of confusion and chaos, and the best approach is not to let ourselves lose hope or be discouraged, but to continue to keep the faith and follow Christ according to the teachings of the apostles, the fathers of the Church, and the saints.

Keep in mind that during Joan of Arc's short lifetime there were several popes and several anti-popes. Our difficult times are not unique. But times like this call for courage and constancy. They also call for prayer. And I find St. Teresa of Avila's consoling. She was a reformer who faced tremendous opposition. Her enemies even tried to poison her. But she reminds of of this holy truth, "He who has God finds he lacks nothing; God alone suffices."


Catholic in Brooklyn said...

Mary Ann, you are so far off the rails that I don't know if you will ever make it back. Mundabor????!!!!!! Valentines to a man who disposes of his wives the way other people dispose of their cars? A man who says thinks his daughter is hot and he would date her if she wasn't his daughter? A man who likes to grab "pussy", and we we are not talking about cats.

And then you disparage the Holy Father? God help you, Mary Ann.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for your concern, Mary, but I had to laugh when I read this, which is why I made an exception and posted it. (By the way I love all the question marks and exclamation points!!!!)

Pope Francis is the one who is saying those shacking up and committing adultery are able to receive Communion. He would happily give Donald Trump Communion and since he is working toward allowing Protestants to receive, maybe he will as this article from Catholic Culture indicates. (

I am actually shaking my head over your comment, Mary. Where's your mercy?

TLM said...

I agree with you Mary Ann! Some are still 'drinking the kool aid' of the left wing fake news media. They are naive enough to believe EVERYTHING the so called media is babbling about. The media lost ALL CREDIBILITY with this last election. They were caught RED HANDED colluding with the Democrats and even making up lies to get Hillary elected! How can anyone believe ANYTHING they say anymore?? It's totally beyond me!!! The left wing media is as unreliable and as corrupt as it gets. Donald Trump is by no means perfect, but he's better than having a Marxist in the Oval Office! I would say........BY FAR!!!

And 'disparaging the Pope'......well, are people aware that all the heresy floating around in regard to A.L. and Bishops demanding that their Priests go along with the heresy are under the 'watchful eye' of the current successor of Peter? Just like our President.......the buck stops on the desk of the Pope.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, I have tried to defend this pope before, and have when some were picking on him for the wrong reasons, but I have come to the conclusion that when he said, "Make a mess", he meant just that. We have "liberation theology priests" (or some Social Justice types), in our area who are defending him, and some of them come right out and say that dogma does not matter. It is all about the "poor" and nothing at all about personal responsibility for some. They line up with Muslims and others when they know quite well that the so-called prophet Mohammed was a pedophile and warlord. They simply do not care. Nevertheless there are Republicans who are just as bad. This pope got the mess he wanted, but I suppose it was already simmering underneath before he even came to office.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with you both, TLM and Anonymous. This pope appears to want the mess he has created. Meanwhile, as we approach the 100th Anniversary of Fatima I expect heaven may be planning a mess we won't like. Let's all add to our our daily prayer routines. I'm not sure I can do the entire Nineveh 90 plan, but I'm adding 20 minutes of spiritual reading/meditation to my daily routine.