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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Deplorable Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Woman her Mother Should Have Had the Choice to Kill Her

A woman has an absolute constitutional  right to choose
 to hire someone to stab her baby in the neck and suck
out his brains. Women have the right to choose to kill!
She might as well have told the woman, "Your birth was an accident and it would be just as legitimate if your mom chose to kill you. She had that right. As the daughter of a mother who was adopted at about three years old, I relate to this discussion in a personal way. Abortion isn't just a choice; it's an annihilation of families. If my birth grandmother chose abortion I wouldn't be here and neither would any of my nine siblings and their children and grandchildren. I think God for my grandmother's decision to choose life, the only moral choice on the table.

So...I'm curious about choice.

 If the act of "choice" isolated from what's chosen is sacred, there are questions. Should mothers of newborns have the right to choose to kill them if they don't measure up? Some "ethicists" think so. Should fathers have the right of "paterfamilias" like they did in ancient Rome where they were the sex with the right to choose whether a child could live or die? [We actually have that today as dads drag their girlfriends into abortion mills and coerce them into killing their babies.]

How about the Muslim practice of child brides that allows Muslim men to choose pedophilia? Is that okay? Or how about the right to choose female genital mutilation?

Did slavers have the right to choose to enslave other people? Why not if the right to choose is sacred?

Why do people like Pelosi never finish the sentence when they say women have a right to choose? Choose what exactly? I'll finish the sentence for her:
A woman has the right to choose to kill her unborn child for any reason by any method at any time during pregnancy up until the moment of birth. And she has the right to hire any hit man she wants in order to do it. And the Constitution protects that right.
That's what Pelosi believes and supports. She just isn't honest enough to say so!


Terry Nelson said...

Something is wrong with this woman - I saw a speech or interview from not too many days ago where she boasted of being a devout Catholic and pro-choice and the 'her' church approves of that. I should have documented it but I'm sure she has said that before. She lives in a parallel universe I think.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

The young, courageous woman used the words, "the ethical choice," not "the choice." How sad the woman couldn't follow up with the emphasis on truth vs. spinning, spinning, spinning of Pelosi's brainless answer. Their feet are rarely if ever held to the fire of an answer or response to the exact question/topic.

We all really know that the baby murderers and supporters have used the word choice falsely. Unplanned pregnancies choices come once the baby is born (keep the baby or place the baby up for adoption). Murdering the baby in utero isn't a choice.

Also, most unplanned pregnancies are that way because the opted choice of sexual behavior occurred (I say most because rape is not a choice). Remove the choice of sexual behavior, place it back to where it belongs (in marriage between the husband and the wife), and most baby murderers will go out of business.

Sorry if I'm rough around the edges, but Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of evil California politicians leading others to the death of their soul.

God bless you this day and always!

min-bee said...

Nancy Pelosi speaks and acts like someone who has had her neck stuck with scissors and her brain sucked out. She can barely form an understandable sentence, except when she is attacking or denigrating someone. This seems to be her usual m.o. Given the track records of the Democrats, it's no surprise she hits below the belt and sinks so low.

Anonymous said...

I'm the daughter of a single mother. My mother obviously chose to give birth to me and raise me. However, I always knew that was her CHOICE and that she loved me unconditionally, even though it meant financial hardship, estrangement from her family (who wanted her to have me adopted and never acknowledged me as one of their grandchildren), and ridicule from many people. And thus, I think of that choice often and how different my life might have been if my mother had no choice; if she had been either forced to abort, forced to give me up, or forced to raise me. I especially thought of it when I was pregnant with my own children. Just an opinion from the southland.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

God bless your courageous mom. We all have choices. Some choices are morally good, some are morally evil, and some are neither (like choosing between chunky or creamy butter). We are all called by God to choose the good. Your mom certainly did. So did my maternal grandmother whom I never met. I thank God both of us grew up with a mom who loved us unconditionally.