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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

American Eagles's "We All Can" Campaign Tells Pro-lifers, "You Can't!"

Purging American Eagle from the closet!
Editor's note: American Eagle has a broad return policy. Do you have American Eagle in your closet? Say good-bye, return your items, and send a message that will speak volumes. 

American Eagle should change their slogan to "We All Can’t!" -- unless we agree with their pro-abortion agenda

by Jamie Fuller

On Friday, January 20, a set of people gathered in our Nation’s capital to march for...what? You may be as confused as I. A Women’s March? I’m a woman, should I be marching for this? I quickly discovered that the march was centered on a pro-abortion, anti-Trump, pro-Planned Parenthood agenda. Well that surely can’t represent all women, but since it’s called the Women’s March it must include women of all political mindsets. But, no, upon further investigation I discovered that not only did this march promote values that surely a good number of American women disagree with, but also they refused to allow women of other value sets to sponsor or march with them -- specifically pro-life women. These women were not marching for me. The Women’s March did not represent this millennial woman!

Enter American Eagle. I am a fashion blogger and follow quite a few different brands on Instagram, specifically those I wear and promote on my blog. So, I was shocked when I saw a post from a clothing brand supporting the Women’s March. That can’t be right! Alienating half of your customer base can’t be good for business, can it? Certainly if they supported women marching on DC against our president and for Planned Parenthood, they would support the March for Life the following week, a march that has drawn millions in the last 44 years: women, men, and children. 

And so, I reached out to American Eagle. I expressed my concerns that they had covered the Women’s March, a political march. "Is that what I represent when I wear the American Eagle brand," I asked?

The "American Eagle" is really a vulture.
I sent a message on Instagram. No response. I sent a message on Facebook. No response. I sent an email. No response. I called their director of social media. No response. Finally, I spoke to a manager at the corporate customer contact team named Lisa. She listened to my concerns -- sort of. During the whole conversation she made it clear where her personal opinions lay. However, she insisted she was not promoting her personal opinions when she asserted that “The Women’s March is in line with the equal rights values of American Eagle.” When I asked her if American Eagle also planned to post on the March for Life, she responded “I do not believe they will.” She told me she would pass along my concerns without asking for any of my contact information. I finally convinced her that I had no interest in making my complaints anonymously and she begrudgingly took my name and number. What she did with that I’ll never know, but I can guess.

Finally I got a response from American Eagle via Facebook:

“Our intention with this post was not to take a political stance but to support all women who speak up and exercise their rights across the political spectrum. Through our #WeAllCan and #AerieReal brand platforms, we support youth empowerment, body positivity and standing up for what you believe in. Those are values we can all share. Thank you for being a loyal customer, and we apologize if the post offended you. –AEO

That’s it? Well, what about the women who weren’t represented by the march? At that point, I decided I needed to make some more phone calls and get to the bottom of what I was representing when I was wearing and promoting the American Eagle brand.

Then began my week long journey to receive some sort of statement on what American Eagle’s “We All Can” campaign really means. Surely they would cover the March for Life as part of their policy to “support all women who speak up and exercise their rights across the political spectrum.” 

I called CEO, Jay Schottenstein and spoke to his secretary, Judy, multiple times. “Hi, Judy!” She was rather pleasant to me the first time and seemed to take me seriously. She assured me that someone would be in touch. I called again several days later and she said she’d passed the message along and someone would call me soon. Finally, on Friday, the day of the March for Life, she informed me that I had already had a response and that was the only response I was going to get. 

I was puzzled. What response had I received? She couldn’t be talking about that generic Facebook message, could she? I again asked if someone could call me regarding my concerns so I could get a broader understanding of what their “We All Can” campaign really means. She indicated I would probably not get another response, but she could try (she was less pleasant and helpful at this point as you may have gathered). She could not comment on whether or not they would be including the March for Life on their Instagram page. (They never did.)  I then told her, if I don’t get a response, I have to assume that AEO’s message is not one of equality and inclusivity. Instead, their platform is pro-abortion. If you are a woman who supports the rights of unborn babies, you are not included in their “We All Can” campaign. Your voice is less important. Your voice doesn’t deserve to be heard. She had no comment.

What have I learned from this journey with American Eagle Outfitters? That my opinions are not valued. That my views are not encouraged or respected. That my voice will not be heard. Most of all, that American Eagle does not represent me.

As a fashion blogger, it is hard to find clothes that meet my mission (to be comfy and somewhat chic while chasing around four children). I thought I had found that in American Eagle. However, according to them “I can’t” and now I won’t shop with them.

Please contact American Eagle Outfitters’ corporate office and board of directors at or call Jay Schottensten, CEO, at (412) 432-3300. Tell them that the Women’s March did not represent you and now neither does American Eagle. 


Saint Joan of Arc said...

Please reat from the bottom up

I don't think you understand. I cannot support your idea of youth empowerment, body positivity and standing up for what you believe in. If you support virtue for youth, I can support that. If you support that each body was designed for a certain purpose and cannot be changed, I can support that. If you believe in virtue and the high road, I can support that.
I can't support hatred for Trump and abortion and sex outside of marriage.
I will not shop AE until I find out that the philosophy has changed.
You don't have to bother answering this. You said it all already.
Mrs. Joan E.

On Jan 30, 2017, at 11:43 AM, Amanda Wells wrote:

Mrs. E,

Thank you for reaching out. Our intention with the post was not to take a political stance but to support all women who speak up and exercise their rights across the political spectrum. Through our #WeAllCan and #AerieReal brand platforms, we support youth empowerment, body positivity and standing up for what you believe in. Those are values we can all share. Thank you for being a loyal customer and we apologize if the post offended you.

Best Regards,
~Amanda Wells
Amanda Wells
Analyst-Customer Feedback
American Eagle Outfitters

-----Original Message-----
From: Joan E
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2017 10:44 AM
To: BoardOfDirectors
Subject: Womens March for Abortion, Sex and Hatred of Trump

To whom it may concern,
I just learned that American Eagle supported the degrading march of women, (not ladies for sure) in Washington on January 21st.
I shopped American Eagle a lot, thinking the philosophy of the store to be within fairly moral guidelines, but I was wrong.
With the display of women's private parts in costume, the disgusting language, the degradation of womanhood, the hate shown for our President, I can only say, I don't think American Eagle is doing a good job with finding movements to support.
I won't shop American Eagle anymore.
Mrs. Joan Espinola

Sent from my iPad

This electronic message contains information from American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. that may be privileged and/or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copy, distribution or use of the contents of this message is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please contact the sender immediately and destroy this message. Thank you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

God bless you for taking action. When we defend our values and challenge the culture of death we act like the Church Militant we are called to be. I'm sure your namesake is proud of you! I'm glad to accompany you as a sister in activism.

Jamie said...

As you can see, AEO has a form response. It just proves how little they care about their customers. I'd like to point out that I am not offended. I am disgusted, I am repulsed, I am unhappy, but, I was not offended! The condescension was thick. After my experience with their corporate office, I think I'd be getting rid of AEO anyway.